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iPhone phone number contact list copy to SIM card


yes i know the SIM only holds 250 contact

yes i know it will take the first 250 contacts and that i can NOT pick the ones i want


guess you want to know why i am doing this

1. sim card will be a back up incase HDD crashes

2. copy to another iphone so i do not have to enter all contact

3. want to use my Sony Walkman phone

4. GSM is world wide need to use in Japanese phone

iPhone 3Gs v4.3.5 and Macbook


i do NOT have a jail broken phone


so i can NOT use the following things







i have not used iSync but read it may not work or is not 100% effective

have search the internet

i think i can e-mail my contacts

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    Is there a question in there somewhere?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (34,916 points)

    You cannot copy iPhone contacts to the SIM. The iPhone does not store or reference contacts on a SIM. The iPhone contact format is not compatible with a SIM; it has a lot more information than a SIM can contain.


    The way to protect against crashes is to sync your iPhone to Address Book on your computer on a regular basis. This is how the phone is intended to be used.


    You can copy contacts to another iPhone by syncing with Address Book on your computer.

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    +Templeton Peck

    yeah sorry guess i left a question out


    "How can I copy my phone contact from iPhone to my SIM card" JC



    i just found out from a friend that he took his iPhone 3G 8g to ATT and they copied his contact to SIM card for him


    another person check sync contact (iTune-->iPhone-->info-->sync address book contact) in iTune and sync iPhone but it deleted all his phones number contacts, after the sync they had not even one contact in the phone, they were able to copy from SIM to iPhone and put some phone numbers back


    i am still searching the internet and reading what others are doing but it seem that everyone that is able to do it has a jail broken iPhone.......not looking good


    so guess answer is i have to take it to ATT for them to do it......lol if they can do it why can't i on my on Mac

    o_O they probably are using Windows

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    I'm sorry, I don't believe AT&T copied contacts to a SIM from an iPhone. It is not supported. If you have not synced an iPhone before and try to sync to the computer, you will need to make sure you have at least one unique contact in the Address book on the computer before you go to sync so you get the merge command.


    With a stock iPhone (and we cannot discuss jailbreak under the TOS of the forum) it does not support  copying contacts to the SIM card. The iPhone cannot write to the SIM. It has to be done through the computer, or one of the web based services such as Google.

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    yes that make since about ATT will have to ask friend if he know how they did that for him.


    oh i do not want to talk about how to jailbreak nor do i want to jailbreak my iPhone, i had just stated that seem to be the only way


    thanks about trying Google web services, i will do a search and see if that works for me

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    I didn't mean you wanted to talk about jailbreak. Like I said, you have to copy the contacts to the computer, a supported application and then you can sync that to a phone and sync to newer phones from a backup. That is how that works. Many people seem to like using services like Google as it allows them to sync over the air and maintain a backup.

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    As provide, iphone does not save anything to sim at all.

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    iPhone does not support directly copying of iPhone contacts to the SIM memory. Easiest would be to

    1.Transfer iPhone contacts to Computer

    2. Use a third-party SIM manager program in combination with an external USB SIM-card drive for your PC in order to save the iPhone contacts from your PC to the SIM card.

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    Its an apple "feature"...

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    I guess you had a reason for answering a question posted a year and a half ago...

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    Wow...I didn't realize there was a time limit on answering questions.  What is it?  One year? or less?  The clock is ticking.