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I have no apple care my 3Gs is out of warenty and O2 will not cover this in my insurance (LONG STORY).  I found a link http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Installing-iPhone-3G-Headphone-Jack  the materials would cost $92.85 to ship to Scotland is it worth doing this myself? Would it be more expensive at the applestore? I think it may be due to me using my sure headphones with the phone i wasn't aware apple had been a bunch of ***** when they designed this.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.2
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    Apple does not repair iPhones.  You may be able to get an out-of-warranty device at a reduced cost.  They are $199 and $299 here in the USA.  Contact your local Apple store and see what they charge.


    IMO, I'd cut my losses and buy and iP4 or wait until the next iPhone is released.

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    shoot me an email, I can help you.

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    The "Headphone Jack Repair" is replacement of the Headphone Jack Flex Cable #5, the part costs about $10 US. This one part includes the Headphone Jack, the inner switches of the Power Button, Mute Button, and Volume Button. This is considered the most difficult repair of all iPhone repairs. If these other buttons work, consider going without the Headphone Jack. The part again costs $10, the rest is your sweat or labor costs. Also before opening and during any repairs make sure the iPhone 3GS is OFF or you risk damaging your LCD Display or Logic Board Display Controllers.