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I have a Macbook Air 13" 2011.

It has a dent in the bottom left corner of the bottom and upper left of the screen frames. The dent is not particularly large (not even a mm) but the bottom corner has bent in slightly and it is noticeable on the upper side.

Do Apple repair cosmetic damage such as this? (there is no other damage, laptop is fully functioning)
What is the cost of repairing/replacing?

How do I go about gaining such information?

Are there any alternative methods to fix it?


Thanks for any help

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Apple can do the repair, but you'll have to contact Apple tech support, go to an Apple Store, or contact an Apple authorized service center for pricing. You can be confident that it won't be cheap since, if I understand your description correctly, the screen would have to be replaced (with an MBA they can't replace just the frame; it's all bound together).



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    Sure Apple can fix it, but they don't do "body work", if you know what I mean. They will simply replace components. The lid can get a bit pricey, since I've not seen the metal as a separate part from the display.


    For some, it is more than cosmetic. My 11.6" had a slight marring of the same edge. As a result, I could not fit a hardshell case until it was "remedied". The case has to be essentially perfect dimensionally in order to snap a fitted hard case onto it.


    I would first check with a Genius Bar appointment the cost to repair the unit. Then compare that to the same spare part from the likes of ifixit.com, using a Apple Service provider to do the actual install.

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    Thanks for the help guys, will go see the people at the Apple Store this weekend. Will post a result after that on what happened and what I decided to do.