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I have a business address and a personal. I dumped Apple mail last year because it kept on crashing and switched to OUtlook which is worse. Got Outlook for the calendar so I can make appts with clients.  ical isn't compatbile with MS- wish Apple would make it so. But so many Outlook probs so  now back to Mail but not sure if I'll be happier.  But.....


I am trying to just grab this account. I never disconnected from mail but for some reason, one account can"t seem to work.  It is a POP account. I have checked settings with ISP provider and it seems fine.  But it is always offline. I have searched and scoured the net for answers and don't know what to do. It's not that complicated so I dont know what the fix  might be. Hoping someone can help.  Running Snow Leopard. Thanks