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I want to add subtitles (srt files) to my movies and watched by apple TV. If I upgrade to QTPro 7 can I burn the subtitles to my movies (mkv, avi and mp4 files).


In the QT I have the subtitles option is always OFF, and if I watched in iTunes I have a ballon for CC and undetermined subtitles, but I just can watched them in iTunes if I go to Apple TV this option is not avalilable.


I want to add the srt file to my movie in order to watched any place with this option ON.


If I move to QTPro can I recode the file?


I use to have mkv, avi and mp4 files and the srt file for different languaje subtitles.

QuickTime Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Apple TV / iTunes