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I have a Canon XH-A1s. I previously used FCP 7 and the following Audio/Video settings for log and capture:

Sequence Preset - Apple Pro Res 422 1140x1080 60i 48KHz

Capture Preset - HDV Apple Pro Res 422

Device Control Preset - HDV Firewire Basic

Video Playback -  none

Audio Playback - none/default

check - different output

Using these settings, I was able to capture great on a quad core iMac and also in 5 minute segments on a duo core Mac Book Pro 17".  I now only have access to the duo core Mac Book Pro 17" and the settings above no longer work. The computer seems to recognise the camera as long as it is using alternationg current but it still cannot grasp or use in and out settings. Nothing captured. In one test, I was able to get FCP to track an in point and display an out point, but after cuing to the correct in point it kept running over a minute past the out point until it was interrupted (pressed esc). Then when I used batch capture to re-attempt, the same thing happened.


Any fixes for this?

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi Lemia -


    I have the same camera, so hopefully I can help a bit.


    First off, shouldn't your sequence preset be 1440x1080?


    Secondly, if you have recognition problems make sure that:

    a) You're only using one firewire port at a time. This camera get a little cranky if other things are plugged in.

    b) Cycle the way you turn things on. For instance, you may have better luck if Final Cut is up and running before turning the camera on, or vice versa. I've noticed sometimes this makes a difference for me, sometimes not.


    As far as capturing what you want, that may be a timecode issue. Do you pad in some time before and after you shoot? It may be trying to identify separate clips, and having trouble because there isn't much handle. What happens if you select the 'Capture Now' option instead of capturing using in and out points? Try getting a chunk in there and seeing what happens.