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A few months ago, while performing routine maintenance, my Diskwarrior 4.3 (Rev. 1102 March 2011) began stalling halfway through the Directory Rebuild cycle. The DVD drive on my 13" Macbook (May 2006) would just sit and spin with no response. Thinking the DVD drive was going bad, I had a new DVD drive professionally installed. Diskwarrior began working properly again. But while performing maintenance yesterday Diskwarrior began acting up again (sitting and spinning as before.)


I put in my OSX 10.5.8 Tiger install disk, to attempt a Repair, but it would not startup the computer. The install disk does appear on the desktop when inserted, but restarting with the "C" key at startup does not work. Neither does holding down the Option key to select the install disk. Option only shows the Macintosh HD disk but does not show the install disk as an option.


I put the Macbook in target disk mode and was able to run both the original Tiger install disk (Utilities/Verify/Repair) however, Disk Repair reported "No Repair Necessary". I was also able to run Diskwarrior complete with the Macbook in target disk mode.


Drive Genius 3 will start up from the "C" key and run okay. I used the "Verify/Repair/Rebuild" function with this disk and it reported that the Macintosh HD is okay with no problems. (F.Y.I., this Macbook also had a newer, larger hard-drive installed last year.)


I'm stuck. Can someone help me please?

PowerMac G5 Dual 2 GHz Tower and Intel MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 2.5 gb Ram, 2-LaCie 500gb Externals, RCA Digital Broadband Modem