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As of this afternoon, whenever I put something in the trash a message pops up saying "finder wants to make changes. please enter your password to allow this" then it deletes the file without putting it into the trash.


How do I put the behavior back to the way it used to be (I have no idea what changed this, by the way).


I simply want to put something into the trash with no password required - and then empty it when I want to empty it.


One more thing, I did a repair permissions on the entire disk from disk utility - and made sure that I have full ownership/permission for all files that I normally access i.e. documents folder, desktop etc.


Also, it is not just files, i can create a new folder with nothing in it on the desktop (and yes i am the owner) and it still happens


Am a bit stuck as to a solution.

Mac OS X (10.7)
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