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I have a 4th gen 8gb nano that has become unusable.  It has got into the bad habit of rebooting at random. It will begin by displaying the Apple logo, sit there for a brief time then go black, and display the Apple logo... on and on.

On a rare occasion it will boot through and actually play music. When it boots, the click wheel and everything works fine... no issues. I will start the music and it will be playing fine and it may randomly reboot... If I turn on the screen lock while listening to music, as soon as I turn off the lock, it reboots. 

It is becoming very frustrating.  I have restored the Nano to original setting several times, without any luck in fixing this. It has the current sofware rev. and still no resolution... can anyone help?


I have read all over the internet about the 4th gen nano having this issue dating back years ... but haven't seen any fixes.  All I keep reading is to use iTunes to restore it... it has been and I still have the issue.


I also have a 16 gb. 4th gen Nano that suddenly died... apparently the battery was only meant to last a couple of months.


The only Nano I have that actually still works is my 1st Gen 2gb.

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