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When I open the help window, it stays open (the same is true in Final Cut Pro X).  In other words, unless I minimize the window, it will remain front and center.  Why is this?  What, if anything, can I do to change this?  It is a minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.





imac 27, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Actually not an Aperture question but as we ar here, in 10.6x this works don't know if it will still work in Lion but I imagine it will.


    Open the Terminal app and enter:

    defaults write com.apple.helpviewer DevMode -bool true


    That wil make the help window behave like a regular window. If you want to return the behaviour to the default enetr the same command but replace the true with false

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    It worked!  Thanks.  How do people know these things?


    I know it wasn't an Ap question specifically, but it got the result.


    Thanks again.



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    Good to know it still works in Lion.


    As for how I knew. I'd love to say it was my giant understanding of all things OS X but in ths case it was a combination of a partial memory of being able to change the way help windows stack and google.


    The search was:


    apple help window always on top


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    The world of the curious and the seeker has always wanted an index.  In our age, it is teh Google.


    "Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it. When we enquire into any subject, the first thing we have to do is to know what books have treated of it. This leads us to look at catalogues, and at the backs of books in libraries."

    — Samuel Johnson, 1775 (Boswell's Life of Johnson)


    Found, of course, by Googling "Two kinds of knowledge"

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    I Googled the question, but I couldn't find anything.  To properly use an index, you need to know the terms.


    Thanks again.