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When iTunes starts to use around 1.3 GB of memory  it generates either a "Cant write libray" or a "library file cannot be saved (-50)" error msg and then it locks up (Not responding in task mgr).  I use task mgr to kill it and when it restarts it takes 20 min to check the libary.  I researched those errors but all I could find was to do a reinstall, which I did, but with no improvement.


When I start iTunes it uses about 150MB and grows over time.  For example, in one day the memory usage grows to 850 MB.  If I start and stop iTunes it drops back to 150 MB but then starts growing again. 


I think I've narrowed this memory leak down to the use of cover flow. When I skip to the next song the memory usage increases but not all the time and then the memory usage also just increases/decreases at other times so my observation is not conclusive.  It seems like this was a problem back with iTunes 7 and then it was fixed and or disappeared.  


I've been running iTunes w cover flow 24/7 for a whole house stereo for years and this problem just started for me with an August update.   In otherwords I could run the system for weeks without problems or a reboot.  Now I need to restart iTunes everyday!   I know life is rough   


Has anyone else seen this problem or have other ideas besides not using cover flow? 


I run Win 7 Pro with iCore 5/4GB of memory and a mirrored 1 TB drive.  The library is about 35k songs or 160 GB. 

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