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Speakertweaker Level 1 (0 points)

I have a few Macs on my desk at work.  Two are now running 10.7.1:  17" MB Pro and 24" iMac.  I default to Columns view in all finders windows, and I noticed a difference.  On the MB Pro, the Finder windows still have their column separators with the little pause-button symbol at the bottom for resizing the columns.  On the iMac, though, the columns are now separated by a thin line with no symbol.


What's the difference?

  • Hans Tobeason Level 1 (65 points)

    The separators display in different widths depending on your setting in System Preferences->General->Show scroll bars.

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    It depends whether you have an external mouse connected - with a mouse, it shows thick column separators with the little pause icon to resize the columns, but using the tracker pad it's just a line. I can't find an option to always use the lines (which I find less cluttered and makes the column content easier to read). Unplug that mouse!

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    habaker - you are the only person I can find that even understands what OP is talking about!  Thx for the info...but I just can't drop the mouse  Man, can't Apple give us an option to select?