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My mac mini is experiencing choppy video playback and I hope that someone can help me figure it out.



It happens on any video file played on my Mini.  That includes any video I've taken and "downloaded" to the mini from my Iphone.  It also happens on standard videos bought from the itunes store.

This does not happen on web-based playback, so it is not web or bandwith related.


The video is choppy in Itunes playback, and in quicktime player.


When a video is playing, the system monitor does not have any open programs soaking up CPU, or RAM.

Additionally I have played the video from a fresh-restart and it still skips.



All software is up-to-date 9/15/11

OS 10.6.8

My Mac specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo


4GB Memory

1.07GHZ bus.



Please help.  Thank You

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Any Help or suggestions please?

    Searching has turned up people with similar issues, but they are using external hard drives, or frontrow.




    I am having this issue by playing video files from my Mac Mini Hard drive, not using any extra peripherals, and playing on the standard monitor attached to the computer. 

    I am also using Apple software, and no 3rd party players, codecs or anything else that would be involved besides Apple parts & software.


    I've also done a disk check & repair, as well as permissions check/repair.  And everything is clear in that department.


    Thank You.

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    So Now I have brought the Mini to the Genius bar.


    I plugged in the computer to their monitors, using the Apple USB video thing on their cinema displays, and of course, the problem went away!


    I told them I do not use that cable at home.  I use a DVI cable, and we should try and re-produce what my problem is at home.

    They did not have any DVI capable monitors, but could use the DVI out port on the mini, into a VGA monitor.

    This monitor didn't skip the video!



    Then, thinking the problem had been magically solved, I went home.

    And plugged in the DVI-Cord.  Immediatley the video lagged and skipped.



    Somehow this problem is in relation to the DVI between my Mini and my Monitor.

    At this point I have tested my monitor with another computer that plays DVI, and there was no video skipping.



    Does anyone have any suggestions now?


    By the way.  My setup is a Dell 2407fpw, DVI Cable, and Mac Mini.