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Hi, I updated to 4.3.5 a few days ago and now my phone is refusing restore and requesting I delete the back up of my phone saying that its corrupt, I'm slack so there is 4 different back up of my phone still in iTunes and the only one that the phone accepts is from my iPhone 3GS which I havn't had since May. Does that mean my iPhone 4 has never backed up properly or is there a way to fix the restore from my iPhone 4 backups?

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    I am not following the issue here.

    Is there a reason you need to restore?


    All content that exists on the device should be in iTunes, so worst case scenario is set up as new and resync the content.  You will lose game stats and other user specific data, but it's not the end of the world.

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    I couldn't save a new back up after the update and my phone wouldn't connect to iTunes store for purchases or updates on the device and was freezing iTunes if I did it on the computer, so I had to restore to fix the connection issue but I didn't realise that my back ups havn't been valid since upgrading to iPhone 4. So I'v lost alot of new contacts with email addresses etc that I don't have saved anywhere else, also I'v lost in game content that was paid for, so maybe not the end of the world but I was just hoping that the back up's I had made that my phone is refusing to use could be fixed. I share the library with my husband so important things like photo's and music can be recovered but his iPhone 4 hasn't had the same issue. I posted the question because I'm worried it will happen again and I don't won't to lose content every few month's and have to start again

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    There is a program called iphone backup extractor that could help u, it can extract the information from the iphone backups.

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    Awesome, thanks I'll give it a go