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Now that I'm using Lion, I'm having to re-learn several things and right now I'm trying to figure out how to save a picture to my desktop when I'm in "Preview". In Snow Leopard, all I had to do was go under the File menu and choose, "Save As". However, in Lion, that feature is gone. Instead, it says: "Save A Version". I have no idea what that means. When I am viewing a photo, if I select "Save A Version", I do not see anything happening. Maybe it is saving my photo somewhere on my computer, but if that is the case, I have no clue where it is being saved. What I want to be able to do is "Save" the photo with a name that I choose to give it (not the default name of the picture as it was emailed to me), and I want to be able to save it to my desktop. In Snow Leopard, choosing "Save As" would bring up a dialogue window where I could accomplish these things. So my question is: How do I do this is Lion?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)