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Just bought a 3TB Lacie Quadra Drive with USB3.0, Firewire 800 and eSATA interfaces. With USB3.0 being the fastest interface among them, I bought the Lacie ExpressCard/34 USB3.0 card to use this drive with my 17" MBP 2010.


However, the ExpressCard doesn't recongnize my drives, or any USB2.0 devices connected to it. I even had a replacement card sent to me, same results.


Lacie is advertising that their ExpressCard is compatible with OSX10.5 and above but the latest USB 3.0 driver that Lacie released was version 1.07 which came out last year. I have emailed Lacie many many many times about this issue and they just wouldn't admit whether there is something wrong with thier 1.07 drive which was released before Lion came out. They would not confirm if there will be an updated release of the USB3.0 driver either


Will Lacie eventually update their USB3.0 driver to wok with Lion? I don't know. They neither confirm nor deny if their 1.07 driver is faulty or it's a problem with Lion. There is no consumer forum on their website either so I don't know if other users are suffering from the same problem.


Basically I have a Lacie Expresscard/34 USB3.0 that has become a paperweight, while Lacie continues to be silent on this issue.   Anyone elseexperiencing the same thing?

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