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I've just replaced a computer with a new Mac Mini which comes with Lion installed. Our other computers run Leopard or Snow Leopard and use iWork 08


iWork 08 doesn't run on Lion so I purchased iWork 09 for the new machine via the App Store. Now if I open a file in the new Pages I can't open it in the old version.


So I want to buy/install iWork 09 on the other 2 computers which run Leopard (one Intel, one PPC G4). Docs say its compatible, but if I copy the file across it says "can't be used on this version of the OS". I would like to download the correct version from the App Store but you can't use the App Store with 10.5.x - you need 10.6 - which doesn't even run on the PPC machine.


Other than going and buying a boxed version of iWork which is more expensive than the AppStore, do I have any way of getting a compatible version of iWork 09 on to these computers?





Mac OS X (10.5.8)