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I've just replaced a computer with a new Mac Mini which comes with Lion installed. Our other computers run Leopard or Snow Leopard and use iWork 08


iWork 08 doesn't run on Lion so I purchased iWork 09 for the new machine via the App Store. Now if I open a file in the new Pages I can't open it in the old version.


So I want to buy/install iWork 09 on the other 2 computers which run Leopard (one Intel, one PPC G4). Docs say its compatible, but if I copy the file across it says "can't be used on this version of the OS". I would like to download the correct version from the App Store but you can't use the App Store with 10.5.x - you need 10.6 - which doesn't even run on the PPC machine.


Other than going and buying a boxed version of iWork which is more expensive than the AppStore, do I have any way of getting a compatible version of iWork 09 on to these computers?





Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    You have to have Snow Leopard 10.6.6 to use the AppStore. You can always buy the iWork CD from Apple store or download the trial and buy the serial number. They work on Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    iWork 08 does work on Lion too. See this link https://discussions.apple.com/message/15801508#15801508


    The  problem you encountered was that iWork/Pages 08 can't read iwork/Pages 09 documents which is understandable as iwork 09 has a lot of new features. One has to be aware of this and if one want to save the document as iWork 08 version. How it is done on Lion I do not know. I am still on Snow Leopard.

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    thank you.


    I can't run Snow Leopard on a PPC Mac so that rules out the App store completely for that computer.


    I'm not surprised to find that iWork 08 cannot open iWork 09 files. I was surprised that the simple act of opening a document and closing it in iWork 09 re-saves the file in the new format without asking - so if you open an iWork 08 file in iWork 09, you would have to force-quit in order to stop it from making it unusable in older versions.


    Am I correct in assuming that the version downloaded from the AppStore on a Lion/Intel Mac is different to the version for Leopard on Intel?


    I will look into running iWork 08 on Lion, this would be preferred. But when I opened documents using iWork 08 on Lion, the docs looked virtually empty. I will see if there is an update as mentioned in your link.


    Thanks again



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    The version from Appstore isn't different but behaves a little different in some parts I heard. There shouldn't be any major issues. It is the system that is different really. I am still on Snow Leopard. Can't you get Snow Leopard for the new machine?


    If the docs look empty it is because you have not updated iWork 08. Do the Software update check or download the updates from here http://support.apple.com/downloads/#08

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    The version from the app store runs ok on another machine running Snow Leopard, but not on an Intel or PPC running Leopard - it just says 'this version doesn't run on this OS" when you attempt to launch - and the icon has a line through it.

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    I remember now that you can't have the version4.1 on Leopard. You have to have the non AppStore version. Either buy the iWork CD or download the iWork trial and buy the serial number. Don't forget to do the update. iWork 9.0.5 runs on Leopard.

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    Thanks for the help with this, I have used the updated '08 version of Pages & Numbers on Lion and it seems to work ok. So wasted my money on iWork 9 for now but I'll use it some day...

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    If it is a consolation there are several new features in Pages 09 and probably in Numbers to.