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The Internet is frequently very slow.  I am hard wired to the TimeWarner Motorola cable modem, but also have a new router with 5 GHz that has a Firewire port.  Would my Internet speed increase substantially by hard wiring to the router by Firewire?


My MacBook with 4GB RAM is much faster via a wireless connection.


Thanks very much for any ideas or comments.

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    Unfortunately, connecting your iMac by Firewire directly to a router which then connects to the cable modem will Not increase the speed of your Interent connection relative to directly connecting your iMac to the cable modem.  Your iMac's network speed is at your ISP's delivered maximum directly through the cable modem.  All the router would add is the ability to share the cable modem's  output signal  among multiple connected computers. I believe you are experiencing the fact that the internal hardware (CPU, RAM, etc.) of your older iMac may be slower in processing the ISP's internet signal than your more powerful MacBook.


    Hope this helps:)

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    Thanks Radiation.  Your response makes sense in all respects.  Once again, older Macs are great, except eventually speed kills.


    It did help as it saved me the cost of purchasing a firewire cable that would not help with my issue.