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I have an Apple TV 1st generation. Since I bought it, I have some troubles to associate it with Wi-Fi network.

I use to turn off my wireless router when I don't need it; I changed in these years 3 wireless router and I have also an AirPort Extreme.

I noticed Apple TV works fine after the wireless setup till when I turn off the wireless router. When I turn on it again, I have to setup again AppleTV or re-start it to see Apple TV back in my network.

It seems it looses connectivity when I turn off the router and when it turns on again there's the wireless association but the IP address from DHCP is not acquired, it still remains 169.X.Y.Z.

I tried to setup my router with a DHCP with address reservation or configure Apple TV with static IP address but I stille have same behaviour.

If I don't configure DHCP with my subnet, my stations in network have the default IP address (169.X.Y.Z with subnet mask) and in these way, Apple TV can be reached but of course I don't go on Internet (because DNS, gateway, ..., are not set correctly).

As I said, if I don't touch anything but just restart my Apple TV or set up again wireless connection (in the same way), everything works fine for days, till when I turn off again router.

How can I fix it?


Thank you.

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