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My very important budget-file is corrupted! I use Excel for Mac 2008 on my Macbook (Mac OS X 10.6.8). I recently used the file but now when I want to open it it says 'The file you are trying to open is possibly read-only or the location you are trying to open is read-only. Or the server you are trying to access is not responding'.


I'm afraid the file is corrupted


What is strange is that there are two other files which all of the sudden have the same issue, all 3 files have the .xls extension instead of .xlsx which I can open without a problem.


I didn't do anything myself to these files?! So is it a question of corruption of wrong extension? No idea!


I've allready tried searching for a program that can repair corrupted excel-files but they don't work on my Mac, are all for Windows OS.


Can anybody help?? I'm getting really desperaty here! It's a very important budget-file, and ofcourse my back-up with Time Machine is from after when i last used the file


Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), excel for mac
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    Time Machine keeps older versions, not just the most recent.

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    A good first thing to do is Permissions Repair in Disk Utility.app



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    I had the same problem and could not find the answer in this conversation.

    I launched Excel,

    Open a blank new file.

    I set the recalculation option in Excel to Manual in the Tools Menu, OPtions, Calculation tab.

    Went in the OPen file Menu and OPened my the File I could not open before. As it was a .xls file a resaved it as a .xlsx file and it seems to work.

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    send the file as email to one of ur friends who has windows

    let them do the open and repair ( open black excel file / file / open / choose file / choose open and repair (there is open button and and arrow , click the arrow to show open and repair button ) / the file will open / save it / let him send it back to your email / open it on your mac and its solved

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    I have experienced the same problem and was wondering if any software can help me fix the issue. I could not find any software that can repair Excel file on the Mac so I copied the file on Windows and tried demo version of a software. That works up to an extent, but could not recover the formatting.


    Then one of my friends suggested me Mac Excel Recovery software from Stellar. It worked like a charm. The software is all i wanted as i face Excel corruption issue very frequently.

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    Your suggestion worked, I couldn't understand why it would, but it did.  How did you find this fix?