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Subhia Level 1 (0 points)

Has anyone have any experience streaming video, music and pictures wirelessly from NAS to iPad?


I have a DNS 323 NAS (linux) with Twonky Server that can be easily detected from PS3 or by Android phone Using BubbleUpnp app, however I am unable to use any app from Apple app store to detect the media server and stream from it reliably.


I bought Twonky mobile thinking that it will be able to detect Twonky server easily, however it didn't. It is very flaky and most of the time can only detect the media servers only local to the iPad or Windows desktops. When it does detect, it is only able to stream the pictures and music, not the video.


Thanks for any help or tips.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
  • Rudegar Level 7 (25,455 points)

    I do it with

    8player lite


    ds audio


    the later only because I got a synology nas


    works fine with both iphone4 and ipad2

  • Subhia Level 1 (0 points)

    I installed 8player lite and was having the same issues as before, however I managed to find the solution.


    Needed to enable multiple-cast streaming on my router- now it works on both Twonky mobile and 8player lite.


    Thanks Rudegar.