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In SLS I had more mail ability for groups that I do in Lion.

I am now trying to find out how to do the following without much luck.


1.  Create a group mail alias (ie:  mailing list)

     - In the past, I just created a group account, and I could mail   group@domain.com  without problem

     - Note:  I do not want -wiki on the mailing list and I don't want the wiki at all actually.


2.  Mail account redirects

     - In the past, when a person left, I would redirect their mail in WGM in the mail tab.  Simply select "Forward" and set the user it was to forward to.  This tab is no longer in WGM. 


Can anyone point me to the right place?  I have been searching the docs, but no luck so far.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    For #1:


    Mailman is probably the easiest way to get a mail list (group mail) setup without using a wiki to do so.  It's in Server Admin --> Mail --> Settings --> Mailing Lists.  You can open up the users and groups list and just drag people into the list.  It'll setup a "Mailman" box first, which needs to be there, and then you can setup whatever mailing lists you need.  Emails to these addresses are formatted as <list_name>@your_server_domain.com.  It's actually more of a full-fledged subscribe/unsubscribe type list, but it'll do the job.


    For #2:


    Kind of the long way around, but you could log into their webmail account and setup the rule there.

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    I found the solution by looking at very old server configs and how I used to do it back in 10.1/10.2 days.


    user > su -

    su > vi /etc/postfix/aliases



         # Put your local aliases here.

         groupname:   user1, user2



    su > postalias /etc/aliases

    su > postfix reload


    An that is it. 

    I do have a corresponding WGM entry for groupname for local access controls, but if you just need a mail group alias, this will work by itself.


    This will also work for my 2nd question above about redirecting mail from user to another (assuming account is deleted in WGM and not just disabled).


    This process is less than ideal though and a huge step backwards in functionality and administration of mail


    If anyone has a WGM or Server Admin solution, I would love to hear it

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    Cool!  How would you configure the redirect using that method?  I'd like to try it.

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    if the account is deleted from WGM, it should be fully removed from dovecot as well.  ie:  a mail to deleteduser@domain.com  would get a rejection reciept.


    To redirect mail for the deleted user, you can do the following follow the above steps with the following info



    #Put your local aliases here.

    deleted_user_alias:     redirect_alias1, redirect_alias2, email@domain.com



    So you can redirect to 1 person or multiple or even external domains.  just ensure all aliases and addresses are seperated via a comma.


    Note:  This will only work if the alias has been completed deleted (and the user no longer exists is dovecot!)

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    Got it.  Thanks.


    Since a lot of the 10.6 functionality is still actually in 10.7 (just inaccessible via GUI), it sure would be nice if Apple would release a 10.7 Advanced Server Tools for those who wish to have more control over their servers (without having to resort to using command line).