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Hi all,


I just got a 2nd hand iphone 4 which was used by my father .. it was jailbroken with limera1n .. one day i wanted to get this thing called personal hotspot . i heard it needed to be updated to latest software .. So i plugged it in to itunes and updated it .. halfway through the update it was stuck .. i let it sit there for 20 minutes.. still nothing .. so i reconnected the usb cable.. so it says my phone needed to be restored before it can be used with itunes. i clicked restore.. halfway AGAIN through the restore it was stuck . i tried finding for solutions and i found this called DFU mode . i tried it it didnt work . So my father sent it to an iphone repair specialist to get a new motherboard.. so everything was gone.. so a few weeks after i got a new mobo , i changed my passcode cuz my sister saw me typing it.. after 3 hours i forgot it..i tried alot of times until it says iPhone is disabled - connect to iTunes . i am very panicky right now if my parents find out i will die and rot in **** pls help me. if it includes jailbreaking count me in i will do anything to get my iphone unlocked some solution i found on the net said it needs to be restored . i cant restore as you know it will get stuck halfway . i tried finding solution and it said u need some ifunbox or diskaid or whatever it is.. i just need help hard or easy , no restore no update .. by the way my iphone went i got a new mobo it was 4.3.3 (lB 232 [i forgot it was like that] ) . i cant connect to itunes because when it is connected to the usb i opened i tunes it doesnt show up but it says Apple Mobile Device is there on device manager.my iphone meant everything to me so whatever help that will work is much appreciated and god bless you . thank you

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3