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I've been working for hours on a project, in which I started with 6 hours of footage to get it down to about 2 1/2 hours  It's taking awhile, but I was making progress ... until suddenly iMovie decided it won't let me add any more transitions. 


Here is the message I get:


There is not enough media to add a transition.

Try setting the Transition Overlap to All.


Thing is, I know for certain that there is enough media.  I'm adding a 1 second transition in the same way I had been up until it stopped working.  The clips are 5 minutes at least on either end.  Then, once it gives me that message, it doesn't even give let me attempt to add more transitions.  I only get the hand, but when I drag, it doesn't add anything.


Is this a preferences thing?  Do I need to delete my plist or something? 


I'm wondering if I should just be using Final Cut Express to avoid all the time consuming issues I run into with iMovie.

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    Select the clip in your project and hit Command-R. This will open the Clip Trimmer. Check that the yellow selection area is not butting up against either end of the clip. If it is, move the selection box away from the end to make room for the transition (eg. a 1 sec cross dissolve will need 1 sec of room, that is, 1 sec of available 'media' to create the transistion). You need to do this for the clips on both sides of the transition.