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hi everyone


when i send a mail message using ipad2 , on which i blind copy a few contacts ( BCC) , i would like to check that the message was sent not only to the adressee, but also to the contacts on blind copy ( BCC)

But while it shows the message sent to the main adressee , it does not tell me which contacts i blind-copied the message to


Can anyone tell me how i can double check to whom i sent a BCC ? 

many thanks in advance


iPad 2, with hp 100 envy
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    What email are you using? This works fine for me. If I go to my sent folder in my email account, I see to whom I sent the message and to those that I Bcc as well. You have to go into your sent folder to see the message and all of the recipients.


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    hello Demo

    Thank you for taking the time to help


    i use Gmail and indeed i go to the sent folder , but when i do so , i only see the message sent to the main adressee but not to the BCC


    i have done it a few times making sure i had put the BCC correctly


    what i have not checked though , is whether the contacts to whom i sent a blind copy have received it or not


    which of course is the worry when you cannot see the evidence that they have been copied


    many thanks in advance if you can throw further light on the subject

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    The method that I used to check and see that the Bcc field was showing the recipient's address when I did this was to send emails to myself - one address in the To: field and the other emaill addresses in the Bcc field. You could try that - send the email to your self and make sure you receive it. I do have multiple email accounts so it made it pretty easy to do this way.


    Try tapping in the To: field in one of the emails that you sent - see if the Bcc field pops up. Or try tapping on the main address and see if the Bcc field pops up that way.


    I'm not sure what else to try except to verify that emails are being received as you suggested. Here is a link to the gmail help site for iPad, iPod and iPhone. Maybe you can find something in here that will she's some light on this for you.