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Tom in London Level 4 (1,610 points)

Here's what happens: I highlight an application (or a file). I make an alias from it and the alias appears right next to its "mother".


I then drag the alias to the other place, from which I want to be able to access the "mother".


And guess what happens? I get a *second alias* in the new place, and the first alias I made stays right where it is. So I have to go back and delete the first alias.


Is this another of Lion's new features? Will some of you fanboys in here tell me how great this is?

  • Tom in London Level 4 (1,610 points)

    Oh and BTW I cannot edit my own original post (the one above this). Another feature?


    I can also bask in a self-congratulatory glow by clicking on "helpful" for my own posts.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Do you get a little green "+" next the icon when yoou drag it to the new location?

    If so, it's copying it. You need to press Command as well to actually move it.


    I think it's actually Cmd-Option-Drag to make an alias in another location anyway, which would be much quicker

  • Mike Johnson12 Level 5 (6,480 points)

    Yes you can edit your own original post - as long as you do it within 10-15 minutes of posting. This is not new.


    I did the edit just to prove it can be done.




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  • Tom in London Level 4 (1,610 points)

    Repeat message: I cannot edit my original post. I was unable to do so approximately 20 seconds after posting it.

  • Tom in London Level 4 (1,610 points)

    No Dave, there's no little green anything. Just the little arrow that means "this is an alias".  I'm simply doing what I've always done with aliases: dragging them to where I want to them to be. I've never had to hold down any keys to do this.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Whether you've done it or not, the correct way to make an alias is the press Cmd-Option and drag your source file into another location

  • Tom in London Level 4 (1,610 points)

    That has only started to happen in Lion. I don't recall ever having to do that before. When did Apple tell users that this change was being made? I'm not happy about it because if I'm not careful I could accidentally drop the original file into the wrong place. I can't understand what the thinking is behind this.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 (1,475 points)

    If others reply and are also seeing the change, I would say it's normal and you should feed back to Apple if you feel it's important.

    If others are not seeing the change it may be a problem on your individual Mac.

  • Alf Megson Level 1 (100 points)

    Hi Tom,


    I think what Dave was asking was whether when you drag your alias to its new location, do you get a green circle with a white + at the bottom right of the icon.


    If so, this would indicate that the place you are dragging the alias to is either on a different volume (partition or drive) to the original or possibly that you don't have write privileges in the location of the original.


    Since I learned about the alt (or opt) cmd drag method many years ago, I've never used the 'create alias' method because it always appends the word 'alias' which I find untidy and I have to edit.


    I'm actually having my own issues with aliases since Lion which are forever giving me 'cannot be found' errors.

  • Barney-15E Level 8 (46,279 points)

    Is this another of Lion's new features? Will some of you fanboys in here tell me how great this is?

    It could be. Lion prevents you from moving things out of the Applications folder. However, it will automatically create an alias of anything you try to move out of it. You'll know what it is going to do by the curly alias badge that is appended to the drag icon. If you want to make a copy, you can just hold down the command or option key. Then, you'll see the green plus copy badge.

  • Dave Hutch Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Tom (OP) says it also happens with files though

    (Didn't know about the apps not being moveable)

  • John Mertes Level 1 (65 points)

    I'm having the same problem of my aliases not working. I have some files with aliases in a file I call "frequent docs". Most of these are NeoOffice spreadsheets. when I click on one of these files, I am switched to NeoOffice in front but the file does not open. this just started in Lion. I've tried deleting and replacing the alias and the alias still doesn't work. Nor does it work when I click on the alias with 'frequent docs" open in Finder.


    I tried the CMD+OPT and drag the file over to frequent docs and still doesn't work.


    Worked fine before Lion.

  • John Mertes Level 1 (65 points)

    Problem is gone just as mysteriously as it came.

    My aliases are working again. I don't know why they started working again.