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Unfortunately this post failed to attract a reply from the Safari section. Could anyone help, please.


#   Is it possible to change the text colour on the Safari browser page like the newspapers  ... or on all of the Apple discussions pages from its natural black to dark red.


I have an eyesight problem which is slowly worsening that makes the dark red a much easier colour to read.

  • Zlig Level 4 (1,340 points)

    Hi sorry a reply was long in the making


    Go to system Preferences, select "Universal Access", click the "Seeing" tab and at the bottom of this window first click "Grayscale" and then play about with the enhance contrast till it's to your liking.

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    That may be possible by creating a custom style sheet and telling Safari and/or Firefox to use it in preference to the style in the HTML from the web pages.


    I can find the place in Safari prefs to enter the CSS selection, but I'm afraid I'm a bit (actually a lot) out of practice with CSS, but I'll see what I can do if I can find the time.


    Meanwhile, if there's a web designer out there who can knock one up before I get back, all the better.


    Play around in a word processor and find the best colour for your sight. Use the RGB sliders to find a good balance.


    A quick trial in TextEdit suggests a starting point of RGB 205.0.0 might be near.


    Let us know what you find best and I or a better qualified person will try to give you something to copy and paste.

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    Hello Zlig,


    Sadly I wasn't able to make much progress with your suggestion which seemed to have effects on other areas ... perhaps I've misunderstood something.   But do see my next reply to noondaywitch.   Big thank you, all the same.

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    Hello Noondaywitch.   Love the name, from Preston of all places.   Excellent.


    Okay, I've made much progress with your suggestion.   Never knew the text colours were so flexible.   But

    having done the rounds, so to speak, the best colour is LIQORICE (000000) which is barely removed from black.


    I cottoned on to the interplay between the crayon palette and the websafe colour numbers via clicking, though interestingly, BLACK is not mentioned (or shown)


    All the same, I seem to see a small difference so the question is, is such a minor variation really worth the trouble.  If it is, the next step would be to transfer this colour to the pages I mentioned.


    Thank you for your kind interest.   

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    "is such a minor variation really worth the trouble."


    Depends if it really helps. I have some problems with variable eyesight due to the corticosteroids I have to take, so I know small differences can sometimes have disproportionate results.


    Might be a while before I can get down to this though, so please bear with me.


    As for the name; I was listening to Dvořák when I chose my Apple ID…

  • Zlig Level 4 (1,340 points)

    Never mind as long as you find a solution that's all that matters - best of luck!

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    Well, I have to report a failure so far. I've got a style sheet that works with simple sites like my own website, but has no effect whatever on this site or BBC news or any other site I tried out in the 'real' world.


    Have to give up for now, I'm afraid, but I'll gnaw at it a bit when I have the time.

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 (20,490 points)



    * { color: #990000 !important;  }


    should colour everything... (does here) you'll likely want to add something to show links at least

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    Spot on Andy! Told you I was rusty.


    Yes, the links will need correcting back. I'll play with that later this evening. got to go do the chores and get my tea ready in a mo,


    Thanks for that

  • seventy one Level 6 (13,257 points)

    Hello Noondaywitch (and Andy Ball, too)


    Just to thank you, indeed everyone, for their continued interest in my sight problem.


    While naturally I would like to see a resolution, please don't put yourselves out; time

    is not pressing over this ... but it is something that would improve my ability to spend

    more than half an hour at a time browsing the papers and the forum discussions.


    I'll (patiently) keep an eye on the subject.   I know if it can be done ... it will be.

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    Actually, I now have something that appears workable for the most part. The link colours don't seem to get to some frames, but overall it's a start and you can play with the colours to optimise them for yourself.


    Create a new TextEdit document, and name it something like SafariStyles.css; the only important bit there is the .css extension.


    Copy and paste this into the document;


    * { color: #600000 !important;  }

    a:link, a:visited {

        color: #355491 !important;

        text-decoration: none;


    a:hover, a:focus {

        color: #4262a1 !important;

        text-decoration: underline;


    a:active { text-decoration: none; }


    Save the new document and place somewhere convenient. As you will need to play with the colours a bit, I suggest you make a copy of the document (highlight the file and press ⌘D). Keep that copy unaltered and you always have a reference point to go back to if you feel you're getting muddled with the changes.


    Next, open Safari preferences and go to the Advanced tab. There's a drop down for Style sheets. select 'other' and navigate to the new file. (You might want to change the minimum text size while you're there).

    Screen shot 2011-09-21 at 10.28.14.png


    Quit Safari and relaunch for the changes to be effected.


    You can then tweak the colours to suit. The # indicates that colours are shown as hexadecimal, 0 to 9 followed by a to f to make up sixteen digits. #000000 is full black, #ff0000 is full red. The number pairs are in the order red, blue, green, so starting with a red, if you alter the second pair you move towards purples etc.


    I've started you off at #60000 for the red. increase the first pair for redder, decrease for browner.


    Any time you make changes, save the text document and quit and relaunch Safari to see the new colour.


    Works for any browser that will allow you to use a local stylesheet.


    Any probs post back.


    Any input from Andy or others also welcome.


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  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)


    Major c***-up there;

    The hex pairs are Red, Green, Blue, not as I stated, so starting with a red set, altering the third pair will tend towards purples.


    Post was up for over an hour and no-one pulled me up on that? You're all slipping!

  • andyBall_uk Level 7 (20,490 points)

    Is a very good starting place for seventy one to try some colours...


    some sites, like these communities, where much of the text on main pages is actually linked - might need the red, or another shade of it, used for those too.

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    Sounds reasonable. I plucked those link colours from the page source, so of course the OP can play with those as reqd.


    I'll continue to experiment a bit myself as and when I have a spare moment.


    Thanks again Andy.

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