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I need to activate, initiate or install the ability to tether on iPad 2 64GB 3G/WiFi. I work with "Doctors Without Boarders". I travel with a MacBook Pro 17" i7 and the iPad 2. I am at times in places where network via WiFi and RJ45 Ethernet is unavailable. In those places I've found that I've had constant Internet accessibility via the 3G radio in the iPad 2.


IPad 2 sold in Europe, in this case Spain, are unlocked and unencumbered by carrier contracts. You can even purchase a single day of 3G access. While it is possible to access the Internet at all times via the iPad 2 the device is not powerful enough to be used for the medical calculations I need to make in the field despite it's ability to access the Internet, a task perfectly suited to the MacBook Pro 17" i7.


I need the MacBook Pro 17" i7 to access iPad 2 3G/WiFi via a tether so It can access the Internet using the iPad as the wireless router. Is there anyone out there who can tell me how to achieve this?

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    Folks are asking this all over the internet and the answer is that it is not possible without jailbreaking the iPad. And then I have still not seen a way to do it with a jailbroken iPad. So, unfortunately for you, the answer seems to be no.


    Try a Mi-Fi?

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    Thank you Dah.veed ...


    My iPad 2 is unlocked? Why do I need to jailbreak the unit, is it not essentially jail broken now? I can use any mini sim by any vendor or provider without contract, my iPad 2 is being used in Spain, France and Germany and is used Globally daily? Tell me does the unit still need to be jail broken and why? Why can't I simply download the appropriate application?

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    The personal hotspot us part of the OS on the iPhone. It is not, however, enabled on the iPad. You can't download an app because no such separate app exists in the App Store. Sorry.

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    Oh, I thought it was just a matter of downloading the Cydia application to a unlocked iPad device just as you would Download any other application? I know in North America your iPad 2's are locked to a carrier therefore the necessity to jailbreak each device. I though as my unit is a free unit and locked to no carrier there was no need to jailbreak the device? I was always uncomfortable with jail breaking devices as I was not sure that I would be able to continue to download all Apple updates? So why can't I just find and download Cydia and enable tethering?

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    I know in North America your iPad 2's are locked to a carrier


    Not true of the AT&T iPad. The Verizon iPad only works on Verizon because there is no SIM card.

    So why can't I just find and download Cydia and enable tethering?

    To use that app requires jailbreaking the iPad, no matter what country it is from. Perhaps you should Google jailbreaking to understand it better.

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    I think you missed the second part of Dah•veed reponse.


    You can buy another device, MiFi, which will connect your wifi devices to a cellular phone network.  I'm sure there are other devices around with the same capability.


    here is the wiki article on the device.




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    Jailbreaking and unlocking are two different things. Unlocking a device enables it to be activated on different carriers. iPads are already unlocked. Jailbreaking is a way to get around Apple's security on the operating system and install unapproved software. It voids your warranty and leaves your device vulnerable to malware.


    In the U.S., at least, if you put an unapproved tethering app on a device, you may be violating the terms of your service with your carrier. The personal hotspot feature can usually only be activated at an additional charge.


    I'd say the MiFi type device is your best bet.

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    You guys are incredably knowlagable and I now know why Apple products are great, the answer is all of you. Meg St. _Clair, your post cracked the knowlage code for me. As a doctor I am too busy saving lives in inhospitable places so I never get the chance to keep of with the tech, though I get to use a great deal of it. It would seem that I have misunderstood the term Jailbreak: "Jailbreaking and unlocking are two different things" and the remaining text laid bare what I did no know before. That said, in Europe their are rights accorded by weight of law which govern the "mobile" space which favor the user and "owner" of the device hence the individual can purchase any mobile device "unlocked" thus maintaining warranty.


    It is the users perogative to secure a standard or mini sim for use in your phone, the carrier cannot "lock" your phone or in anyway tie your phone perminantly to their service unless you secure the entire phone at a reduced price or purchase a subserdized phone from a carrier.  The subsidized model is incompatible with my job and the environments in which I would use it.


    The MiFi is a subsidized device locked to two carriers Verison and I think Orange, the device they subsidize is by 2 year contract and has no external sim slot, each service sells a hard wired device to their service. You are locked into all the associated charges, except for roaming charges as I am told inter country roaming charge variations were exobitent so the E.U. commission ruled against the carriers in our favour to standardise roaming charges throughout Europe.


    The MiFi would also be inconvenient as a "third" mobile device to take on the road, less room for life saving medicine. No I would rather solve the problem in the iPad 2, MacBook Pro or the coming iPhone 5. And finally, I just spoke to my sim provider, they say they have no issue with Teathering, however it is up to he client how he enables that feature in his own hardware.


    Thank you

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    I'm glad the information was, in some little way, helpful. Best of luck, both with your iPad and with the great work you're doing.

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    No, I did not miss it. I do not wish to achieve my aim by adding another device. I want to accomplish the hot spot using my iPad 2 where possible. There are negatives associated with adding a seperate carrier owned device to resolution of my issue.


    I just googled Jailbreaking iPad 2 ..! I noted that the authority on this issue is the Dev-Team with iterations of redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, blackra1n or something called a "PwnageTool". I am not confident or familiar enough with the use of such tools and I reiterate I don't know if it is possible to undo the jailbreak using the restore function in ITunes.


    Is there anyone out there who can you tell me if it is possible to return iPad 2 to factory setting if need be after "Jailbreaking" it and if it is possible to still use iTunes to update the iPad 2 after jailbreak? Alternatively, I have heard about a website you can surf too and you can fairly automatically jailbreak your device by clicking the link? I have no clue of where I can find that, but it would be useless to me if I was unable to RESTORE the iPad 2 to it's factory original settings thus removing the Jailbreak subsequently.


    Anyway, I'm in your debt for the time you've taken to educate me on the process.


    Thank you

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    Unfortunately, discussions of jailbreaking, beyond the most general, are prohibited by the terms of use of these forums. Another very good forum for things iOS is  You may find some assistance there.


    Best of luck.

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    Again you've saved me! You angel! One of my colleagues is a formidable veterinarian should I be able to answer any questions in that regard, let me know and I'll see how I can do so while respecting the terms of use. For example how to remove cat hair from your apple keyboard or the colling intake of you MacBoo. Lol. Thanks

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    Here is an unlocked MiFi device.  You pay for it!  Takes a standard size sim.  The iPad takes a mini-sim. 


    It is another device to carry, but it doesn't void your warrenty.



    one user's impression ons/



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    Hi Robert,


    You acre completely correct. I have been discussing a second ful size sim to "mirror" the Mini Sim I use from them to power my iPad. This would then allow the MiFi to become the hot spot using  the same account I am already paying for just on another device. I would then switch the iPad to wireless only and therefore accessing the internet with both the iPad 2 and the MacBoo Pro. Is my theory sound?


    Dr. Antonio

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