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I noticed a previous post on this same issue. I, too, had to reformat my hd, and reinstall Tiger. In the process, Garageband was dropped. If the reply to the author's post is correct, the Tiger DVD Install Disc does not have Garageband on it? The app, he was told, is part of a Software Install cd? Unless that's Disc 2 of the OS X Install DVD's, I don't believe my first generation G5 came with a software install disc. What are my options? Buy iLife?

First Gen 20" G5 iMAC , 250GB HD, 1.5GB RAM, G3 iMac SE DVD, 13GB HD, 384MB RAM, Mac OS X (10.4.4), 80GB OWC Mercury Elite USB/FW drive
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    Every Mac should have come with a Software Restore (or similarly titled DVD, or set of CDs [on older Macs]). If GB came installed on your machine, than the Restore disc should have it.

    If you can't find it, yes, I'm afraid you'll need to buy iLife (04, 05 [probably used], or 06 [the current revision])

    --HangTime [Will Compute for Food] B-(>
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    Thanks, hangtime. I guess I can try OS X Install Disc 2 and see if it's on there.
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    Don't expect too much, I'm afraid, iLife was never part of an OS install B-(>
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    Hang Time,

    Yes, Disc 2 only contained OS 9.2, etc. However, the prompt I got when I attempted to open Garage Band was:

    Instrument Library is invalid!

    The instrument library is invalid. GarageBand expects a valid instrument Library folder in/Library/Application Support/GarageBand.
    Please choose a valid instrument Library folder or quit and reinstall GarageBand.

    And a previous post prompted me to look at the backup I made before my hard drive got wiped clean, specifically:

    /Library/Application Support/Garage Band/Instrument Library.

    I determined that the Garage Band folder was missing from my reinstall of Tiger, and dragged it's contents from the external hd into my G5. It appeared that a copy was successfully made(a lot of files got transferred), but when I clicked on the Loop Browser, I got the prompt that there were no loops present, and the buttons were all grey. Why can't I access these Apple loops? Any idea? Your help would be appreciated.

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    I think those are two separate issues, the instrument lib is not your folder of loops.

    I've seen others post about the Invalid Lib, and I don't recall what the fix was (other than a reinstall, perhaps), however for the loops: Find the folder of loops and drag it onto the Loop Browser in GB. --Hang