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Hi there --


I have a 13" MacBook and a 24" LED Cinema Display that I purchased at the same time in 2009.


Here's the review I wrote:  http://scientificaesthetic.com/2009/03/16/the-delicious-apple-led-cinema-display -24-review/


Today, my Cinema Display dimmed by about half three hours ago.  Right now, it just died as the screen is blank.  The display is still powering my Macbook and charging.


I called Apple.  I thought my Cinema display was covered under my MacBook AppleCare.  They don't me not so and would not help without a $49 fee.  I declined to pay the fee.


Any idea what happened?  Is there a way to fix this or is the Cinema display just dead?  I've tried plugging and unplugging and turning off for 15 minutes.  I have no idea what else to try.  Any suggestions on how to move forward for a possible fix? 

MacBook Uni, Mac OS X (10.7.1)