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I am now struggeling with an annoying issue for a few weeks now and hope that someone could give me a hint to get it solved.


All by sudden, maybe through a Windows update, my Windows 7 SP 1 system with Bootcamp 3.2 drivers and a self-upgraded NVIDIA driver for my 8800 GS made my screen either freeze or my display to turn off.

The system was still running (as I had it running for a while to finish a download and it did), but was unresponsive for any keyboard strokes to shut it down or on the power off button. Only doing a force shutdown by holding the power button for 5 seconds did turn it off.


I then explored different things and also started to uninstall any drivers that could interfere with something.

After removing all the Bootcamp drivers (including the control panel) even for the graphics card and having Windows going back to the out-of-the-box ones, the system went much more stable. But still not that much as it did for the whole last year. Interestingly, the Bootcamp control panel was still there and it magically showed the version number 4.0 (as I did not upgrade to Lion by then).


But what is Windows running on a Mac without using all the comfortable keys on the Apple keyboard?

So I waited until I finished checking all my OS X apps to be supported in Lion to install Bootcamp 4.0.

But even after doing this about 1 week ago, it did not really help.


Before I now go the hard way of backing up my user data and reinstalling Windows 7, I would appreciate any ideas on still getting this fixed on my current system.

iMac 8,1 24, Mac OS X (10.7.1)