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I have iMovie '11.  There are responses to this question for iMovie '09 but they aren't working for me.  I can insert a still frame into the Project but can't save it.  I can't find the "Stills Folder" others have mentioned.  When I right click on the still frame I don't get the option to "Reveal in Finder".  The only time I see that option is if I right click in the movie somewhere but apparently it isn't actually saving the frame because I can't find it.


If anyone could help me, I would certainly appreciate it!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), iMovie '11
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    First, get an app called MPEG Streamclip, which is free. (google MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5)

    Open MPEG Streamclip.

    In iMovie, select the clip you need. Then, right-click/Reveal in Finder.

    Drag this clip into MPEG Streamclip

    In MPEG Streamclip, move the playhead to the frame you want.

    In MPEG Streamclip, click FILE/EXPORT FRAME.

    Choose JPEG, TIFF, or PNG and give it a name.

    You can then drag this photo into iPhoto, Aperture, or anywhere in the Finder.

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    Thanks!  I got the app MPEG Streamclip but the problem is when I right click over a frame and chose "Reveal in Finder" - I then can't find it in Finder so I can't drag it to MPEG Streamclip.  There is no "Stills Folder" or anything else that I can find where it is being stored.

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    You should not be looking for a stills folder. You should select the video clip in either the Project or the Event. Then right-click/Reveal in Finder. The video clip should be highlighted in blue in the Finder. Drag this video clip to MPEG Streamclip. Move the cursor to the frame you want, and FILE/EXPORT FRAME.

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    Thank you so much!!  That does work.  It sounds like there was a very simple way to do that in iMovie '09.  I don't understand why they would get rid of that function in iMovie '11.

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    It was never really in imovie 09. There was a workaround that let you do it. That workaround no longer works, so this is another workaround.