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I have an iMac running OS10.6.8 and I am printing photographs to an Epson 3880 from the photo editing software Nikon Capture NX2. In Capture NX2 I set colour management to application manages colour as well as choosing the profile to which I want the printer to print. At this point I also choose Intent and Black Point Compensation. I hit print and up comes the print window under OS10.6.8. Here I choose to turn off control of color management by the printer driver under "Printer Settings" from the drop down menu titled "Layout". When I come to the item "Color Matching" in the drop down menu I find that "EPSON Color Controls" is highllghted. But at this point I can deselect this setting and select "ColorSync". If I select "ColorSync" I then can choose from "Automatic" or any of the paper profiles I have on my computer. What determines which one I choose, that is which of "EPSON Color Controls" or "ColorSync"?

I was inclined to think that it was "ColorSync" and then choose the profile that I chose back under the NX2 print window. But this produces bad results. If I leave it to "EPSON Color Controls" I get perfect results (at least so far). But the name of this choice seems to suggest that the Epson print driver manages the colours which I do not want to happen. So I would like to understand what is going on here. What is one doing when one make the various possible selections that one can make under "Color Matching"?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)