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I'm looking for a way to lower my screen all the way down to my desk. I have no wall to hang it off, and most arms add to much depth so the screen comes too close for me. One solution I'm now looking at is a custom-built stand using VESA mounts, which is bolted to the desk. Hardly elegant.


With a handy-man, we were looking at solutions, and we flipped the screen to get a better idea. We both were reminded of the Sony TV, which has a base like this. But of course, that's can't work because of the air intake and sound output. But the idea got us thinking and I remembered the PadFoot. Not exactly what I was looking for, because it doesn't lift the screen an inch from the desk. Also, 2 feet should be used and they should be connected somehow and probably also support the screen's back somewhere - making it more like this ...




Wondering if anyone has any thoughts.

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    Take a look at my post regarding using an adjustable desk mounted arm.  It allows me to lower the screen all the way down to the desk and with the arm turned sideways, it doesn't go beyond the back of the desk.


    Here is a pic I just took of it.  As you said, it isn't very elegant but it works great.  When I'm using it for long periods, I can adjust it up higher to be a bit more comfortable.  You wouldn't get that from a solid base.



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    Actually, the post you refer to was very helpful. The reasons I can't use this approach are ...


    1. Arms like this are 4x the price here in Thailand, from the MSRP in the USA.
    2. They add a great deal of depth to the back of the screen - my desk is 2 feet deep!


    Can you show me how low they really go ... does it touch your desk at the bottom? Does that not cause heating issues within the screen?

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    It is down to the desk so I can just see over it.  I have it about 1/4" up for a cable to get under and for the sound/air flow.


    Depending on the desk, you could move the arm to the side (where my lamp is sitting in the picture) then you could push the display all the way back.  The arm "wrist" and the VESA mounting bracket is only 5" deep from the back of the display.


    FYI, the foot of the arm is either a C-clamp or flat that you would drill a hole thru the desk and connect bolts to it.  It comes with many different mounting options.


    Oh, and my desk is just over 2 feet deep and everything fits just fine.


    According to the Ergotron website Where To Buy page, there are a couple of resellers in Thailand.  Perhaps one of them will have one for you at a better price than importing from the US.


    Good luck.

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    Thanks, appreciate all your help.

    By the way, the reseller is the one charging me 4x US MSRP.


    Might try importing myself! :-D

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    In the end, I bought a VESA mount adapter from Apple and a simple TV mount from Sanus (MF202). The TV mount itself was connected to the cubicle wall through a custom component somebody in the office had made for me that slides over the cubicle wall rather than require holes to be drilled. It has been working very well for a long time now!