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Hello everyone!


I know that macbook air is not created for running games but I am up for some old ones with low system requirements

1) So I would like to learn what is the best way to run games : instal them on virtual Windows and start playing? Or is Mac version of the same games better and will the game work faster or not?


2) And if playing games on virtual Windows will work better, what programm would you recommend for installing Windows?  I used Parallel Desktop because it is extremely comfortable, but I was told that this way of instaling windows for gaming is the worst since Macbook air has to run both Mac and Windows simultaneously.


3) Will CrossOver Games run my games just as good as if I installed mac version of the game? Well ofcourse if CrossOver will be able to instal and run it . ..


Thank you very much for help ! =)


P.S. If it does metter, the macbook air is new  13,3 inch  top complectation (i7) so it should be able to run games.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    So...just to make everything clear, i DO know how to run windows games on Mac. But I would like to know wich way is better, wich way will allow me playing games with higher requirements.

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    For best results in Windows Gaming use Apple BootCamp to install Windows so that it can use the native (real) hardware of your MBA.


    Virtualization always slows down.


    Depending on the games you wanna play Parallels or VMWare Fusion might suffice.


    Crossover is a choice for certain games but be sure to check their Compatibility Table whether the games you wanna play are supported.


    In the end it comes down to use the Trial versions of Parallels/Fusion or Crossover and see if you are satisfied.


    Mac versions of Windows games are not that many to find and mostly such 'ports' have a tendency to run slower than than their Windows versions.




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    I find Parallels works good for me

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    Thank you very much for your distinct and clear answere !  It looks like I have no more questions on this topic.

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    While you are here may I ask a last short question?


    Since I figured out that PC games will work better on Windows installed by Apple BootCamp, I am going to instal it this way. And I'm  going to remove Windows installed by Parallels Desktop. But Parallels Desktop app has such a nice feature - it allows to make any folder I like - a shared folder. I can get access to it both when using mac OS or virtual Windows OS.


    Can I do something like this with Windows, installed via BootCamp ?  Or is there no way I can get access to the same folder both from Mac and Win ? . . .

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    That's not so easy with BootCamp Windows 7.


    Apples BootCamp Drivers enable Windows to read from the OSX partition.

    OSX itself can also read from the Windows 7 NTFS file system.


    But neither can write to the other partition without third-party helper.


    For OSX to write to NTFS partitions there are the free NTFS-3G and Fuse4X and the commercial Paragaon or Tiuxera NTFS for Mac.


    For Windows to write to OSX partition there is only MacDrive.


    What I use is a simple USB-Memory-Stick of 4GB using FAT32 as file system to move files back and forth.


    If you have enough diskspace you can use BootCamp Windows plus directing Parallels to use the BootCamp Windows for its virtualizied Windows.

    The Parallels Manual explains how-to.



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    Thank you! And sory for the delayed answere, I had some crazy time at job.


    Yes, finally I managed to get rid of any dependance from any PC computer since I am able to run windows as an optional OS on my macbook!


    But do I understand everything right : using windows (via BootCamp) will make my macbook run out of battery faster?


    And so if playing a game on BootCamp Windows is the same as playing it on Mac via crossover (if crossover suports this game) ,  will crossover be the best choice since the battery will serve longer?

  • Fortuny Level 7 Level 7 (21,430 points)

    No problems with delay.


    Running BootCamp Windows on a Mac notebook does inded make the battery run out faster since all the fine tricks Apples uses in OSX to preserve battery did not make it into the BootCamp drivers.


    I myself never had a Mac notebook so I can't really say whether BootCamp Windows or Crossover make the battery run out faster.



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    Windows doesn't "run in Boot Camp". Boot Camp is a tool to guide people through partitioning their computer's hard drive and install Windows onto it. Crossover is a Windows emulator. Parallels is program that gives you a virtual computer that you can install Windows onto while OS X is running.

  • Fortuny Level 7 Level 7 (21,430 points)

    You don't say...


    I prefer to use "BootCamp Windows" or "Parallels WIndows" over "WIndows" for a better differentiation.


    And Crossover is not an emulator but a software library or Framework since it don't emulates a CPU or GPU.



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    Go to the CrossOver website and tell me what you see in the top bar in your browser window. But I see what you're saying, since they say in their website: "You can think of it as an emulator, but it's different, because there's no Windows OS license required". And emulators like DOS Box allow you to emulate processor speed and RAM capacity, where WINE and CrossOver doesn't. But WINE and CrossOver do emulate a Windows environment for programs to run in (when they work)


    And I apologize if you're offended, but so many people misunderstand what Boot Camp is. If you're so confident, why not just say, "running Windows natively..." or "running Windows in a virtual machine"?

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    Ok, got it, thank you very much one more time !  =)  It is great to understand that I am pretty done with PC and there is no need to switch between PC and Mac to solve some problems any more.


    And guys I didnt want to start any holy war about crossover/bootcamp or parallels. I do understand how Bootcamp helps to run Windows, I just called it "BootCamp Windows" to explain, what type of installed Windows I am talking about, because in this topic it  does matter.




    Nice support =)

  • Fortuny Level 7 Level 7 (21,430 points)

    There's a war going on ?


    Who against Who ?


    I just see the two of us in this thread, Moloy !


    Have Fun



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    There is no war going on. I just think if people are going to give support in these support forums, they should use proper terminology as to not confuse, mislead, or misinform anyone. That's why I chimed in. A lot of people really think that Boot Camp is a virtual machine, just like there are a ton of people who think the iPhone 4 has 4G. It's misinformation spread by misinformed people who are never corrected.


    Stefan, don't be so stubborn. Some people really don't like to be corrected, but there's no reason to pretend to ignore me. I'm not trolling you or anything, I'm just ensuring that if you're going to share information, that you're giving correct information Have you heard the metaphor of "the blind leading the blind"? I see a lot of that going on in these forums; everyone is so eager to help, which is great, but it's disappointing to see people give incorrect information.


    Moloy, good luck in your endeavors. Read the PDF manuals that are pre-loaded in your machine. Also, browse through the documentation on the Apple site. Knowledge is power, the more you know ~~~*, and all of that.

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