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I tryed to open a film originally stored in a folder of i Flashdrive with AVplayer HD using "open in". Apparantly failed to do so I clicked several times and the system told me the memory was run out. I deleted some other videos and switch off and on the iPad.

Memory was restored, but even deleting that video, the memory used un disk appear to be too high.

I am afraid that on the disk, somewhere, there is a corrupted copy of the wideo I opened in AVplayer and that is consuming memory.

In fact in iTunes the system say I have 3.3 Gb used by somthing named " other": no apps, no photos, no videos.

What is it this "other"?

How I can see and delete it?

Please, help me!

3.3Gb is huge space to be left not writable on the disk.

iPad, iOS 4.3.2
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    'Other' also includes things like Safari's cache and cookies, notes from the Notes app, Calendar events, Contacts, Mail messages, ebooks from Kindle/Nook etc, and content from other apps e.g. newspaper and magzines, PDFs etc. But yours does seem larger than it should be, unless for example you've got other videos in AVplayerHD - if so have you tried deleting them to see if 'other' goes down ?


    If you havn't got other videso in that app, then as far as I know the only way to remove/reduce the size of Other is to restore the iPad.  You could try restoring to your last backup first (iPad backups and restoring), and if that doesn't reduce Other you will probably need to restore back to factory defaults and then add your content back onto the iPad.

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    Try to remove the app and then install it. All your movies will be deleted though.