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  • Ryan Echlin Level 1 (0 points)

    I thougth I'd chime in here, as I am having similar problems as everyone else in this thread.  I'm an Apple Certified Hardware Tech and run an Apple Authorized Service Center as way of background. 


    I have a Thunderbolt display connected to a new MacBook Air 11" i7 1.8 256 SSD.  I have the following connected to the display: a Drobo over FireWire, a gig ethernet connection, and a SuperDrive.  I use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Mouse with this system.  I normally run the MacBook Air with the lid closed when I am using the Thunderbolt display.  Both the display and the MacBook Air are running the latest firmware versions.


    These are the problems I have noticed:


    Audio and camera do not work on the display.  Rebooting the system or unplugging and plugging back in the Thunderbolt connection fixes this problem.  Interestingly, I have also noticed this problem with my 24" Apple displayport display.  To fix that, I need to unplug and plug back in the USB cable.  Perhaps the Air is not detecting some of the hardware properly?  The problem only occurs immediatly after the display is connected to the sleeping MacBook Air, and after I unplug/plug cables it will not return again until the Air is disconnected.  This problem does not occur every time I connect the Air, but it occurs enough to annoy me.


    Computer will wake from sleep, but display will never get video.  Things like the Time Machine backup will start (Drobo starts chugging away), and the Caps Lock key on the Bluetooth keyboard will work, indicating to me that the computer is working, but there is no video.  I opened the display on the Air when this most recently happened, and after several seconds the sleep/screensaver password window appeared, only to be replaced by a blue screen and then the password window and then a blue screen.  The built in keyboard and touchpad were unresponsive.  It took a hard power cycle to fix this issue. 


    Depending on the app, different speakers are used.  For example, when I have the display connected music plays fine thorugh the display speakers, and adusting the system volume using the keyboard keys makes the "blat" sound emerge from the display speakers.  However, sounds from (new mail and mail sent) come from the speakers built into the MacBook Air.  Also, perhaps unrelated, when I first plugged in the Thunderbolt display, the fader in System Preferences was set full right.  I thought my hearing had finally gone out


    The Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse do not consistantly wake the Air from sleep.  Sometimes a system reboot is required, or power cycling the bluetooth keyboard/mouse.


    Finally, I seemed to have some issues with not being able to use Bluetooth and AirPort at the same time.  The system would notify me that "none of my networks could be found", and when I manually clicked on the network I wished to connect toy, "a timeout error occured".  This could be consistantly fixed by turning the Bluetooth radio off.  This issue did not happen with all wireless networks all the time.  10.7.2 seems to have mostly resolved this isuse, but it did return yesterday in the form of giving me the "none of my networks..." error.  However, manually selecting the network worked fine. 


    I've tried PRAM and SMC resets (I'm starting to feel the pain of all the users/customers I've told to reset their PRAM or SMC), and that seems to fix the issues for a while.  However, rebooting the system can also fix the issues for a while. 


    Overall I really like the display and the Air.  I'm very happy with being able to do spreadsheets on a huge display and also only have to carry ~2 lbs of laptop with me when I'm away from my desk.  I'm confident that Apple will resolve these issues, and I hope that all of our reports and troubleshooting will assist in this process.



  • scogoth1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Same issues as everyone else, flaky USB in both OS X and windows. Called apple tech and the guy said this isnt the first his heard of this and Apple wants the display back for testing. Seems Apple is aware of the issue.

  • scogoth1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Got replacement display and still showing same issues. The display did not have the TB dipslay update yet. Still shows problems after the update.


    The serial numbers of both are:




    Does anyone have a working TB display and Macbook Air? If so what the s/n on the TB display.

  • azoe Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problems with the same hardware, a Mid-2011 Macbook Air and a Thunderbolt DIsplay. Sometimes the display will function but the peripherals will not. Often some combination of rebooting the Macbook Air, unplugging and replugging the display from the computer, and unplugging and replugging the power to the display will set things right.  Resetting the PRAM and SMC don't seem to have an effect.


    What's odd is that I haven't found a particular formula that will fix things 100% of the time. On one occasion nothing at all worked, and I resolved to return the whole mess to the Apple Store, but then after a few days it began to function again.


    I'm hoping a future firmware update will solve the problem once and for all, or Apple will start replacing the malfunctioning displays.  I'm starting to think I'd have been better off with a 27" iMac.

  • teaflow Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me to the list of affeceted users

  • SkullOne Level 1 (0 points)

    Count me in too. I got this new system (13" MBA + TBD) more than a week ago to replace a ± two year old 24" iMac with the renowned 'stained screen' problem, which my Apple dealer refused to repair under warranty. That was within their right because that's legal here (consumers have more rights here than companees and this was a company purchase) but hardly ethical as this is a manufacturing defect.


    Now I got to struggle every morning for at least half an hour before the display even functions (black screen and garbage within a minute or even seconds). It's hard to find the 'magic combination' to make it work (power downs, cold boots and resets of both display and MBA, etc.). Besides that, it randomly 'fails' during the day as well. Extremely annoying.


    As a CEO of an IT company with high quality standards it completely baffles me why Apple let this slip through the cracks. They should know better. They should have avoided this. There are no real excuses possible I'm affraid. In two words: Totally unacceptable!


    So I replaced a different sort of display problem with one far more serious. Right now I'm quite annoyed with Apple because of this. I've been using their equipment since the Macintosh IIfx but so far these two are the worst problems. However, this one is affecting my work in a serious way. I don't have time for this and they should solve the problem now!


    When the display does work it's wonderful though...

  • Mattheo Lescaht Level 1 (0 points)

    You can count me in too...


    MBA 13" Core i7 with a brand new Thunderbolt Display.

    Everything was doing just fine the first three or four days and then, I started to loose my USB keyboard and I realized that I was also loosing the Firewire port and the speakers of the TD too...

    10.7.2 didn't change anything.

    It looks like the whole PCIe protocole of the Thunderbolt Display is failing...

  • ifonul Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here, display goes to sleep and never comes back to life. Mac mini is up and running, just no display!

  • Phips Level 1 (5 points)

    Well that debunks my theory that it's the MacBook Air causing the problems


    Incidentally, I had that 'go to sleep, never wake up' thing at the weekend too. I did a remote desktop connection to the sleeping MacBook (from my iPad) and the TB display woke up then! Madness.

  • SkullOne Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, today I didn't have a real problem...


    What I did change yesterday was to disconnect all (just two) USB devices from the display (a Dymo LaberWriter 400) and my Apple wired keyboard. I did connect the latter directly to my MBA. I have automatic brightness off on the TD, but I'm not a believer in that sollution.


    I suspect it's purely coincedental, and I do have the Gigabit Ethernet on the TD connected. But you'll never know...

  • Ryan Echlin Level 1 (0 points)

    This morning, I cannot get the speakers or camera in my TBD to function.  Ethernet and Firewire are unaffected.  I'm going to try unplugging the display for a few moments to see if that fixes the problem, but putting the MBA to sleep and unplugging it from the display has not helped so far.

  • Mattheo Lescaht Level 1 (0 points)

    The more I read posts here, the more I get convinced, as Phips, that this is a MacBook Air's issue.


    I red I don't remember where that MacBook Airs had specific Thunderbolt ships. That would even not be the same one in the 11" compared to the 13"...

  • eddgreen Level 1 (10 points)

    Everyone talks of the MacBook air Never the pro

  • Jason Schwarz Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually my post on this is with a 13" MBP.  I have tried two different displays which both have the USB problem under 10.7.2.  I have an open case with Apple and have been told an engineer is working on the case at this time.

  • shawnb576 Level 1 (0 points)

    Right, this isn't just MBA.  I have the USB dropouts with a 15" MBP.


    I have not had the other problems with screen blankouts, etc., however.  I have an MBA at home that I can bring to work and test it out, it's something i need to do anyway.

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