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My mail search is not working properly at all.  If I search for phrases I know exist , it won't return any result.  If I search for subjects I know exist , it won't give the option 'subject contains' in the drop down box.


It does work for some things, but for imported mailboxes from my archives it seems to be broken.


Spotlight has indexed the messages just fine though because I can find the messages in a split second by using finder.  But I want to do the same thing in mail !


It's such a poor experience compared to Snow Leopard mail search

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I too am having this a very similar issue and have been trying to find a solution for this all day. 


    I have a late model 17" Macbook Pro running OSX Lion with all updates in place.  I use Mail on a daily basis, 12 hours out of every day.  I use the Search function at least 15-20 times a day, and up until Yesterday, it worked just fine.  I have done no recent updates or changed any settings, but all of a sudden the Search function no longer works properly.


    • I can select "subject contains" but am unable to select to search "entire message".


    • When I enter a word or phrase to be searched and select the ALL tab to search the enitre Mail database, it is unable to find messages that I know contain the phrase.  When I then do the same search within a specific mailbox, it finds the message just fine, but then when selecting back to ALL, it disappears.


    This is very annoying, and frustrating that I have been unable to find a solution for this.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Mine actually just started working again... out of the blue.  As random as it stopped working, it has resumed functionality again.  Not sure what is going on, but it doesnt give me much comfort.  Anyone why this would be doing that ?

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    I too was having the same issue after upgrading to 10.7.1. However, with the 10.7.2 update, search is now working again in Mail. If you haven't applied the latest update, I would do so and see if that restores search for you.