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I tried to uninstall google chrome using appcleaner but after it placed the files in trash and I tried to empty trash it deleted all files including plist files except the main chrome.app . It says that the file is locked whereas when I check, it shows it to be unlocked. There is no other file in trash except the chrome.app. And when I try to install it from the chrome site again it says that chrome is already installed.Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 12.30.50 PM.jpg


Screen Shot 2011-09-22 at 12.31.09 PM.jpg

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 13 inch 2011
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    Well I bet that's the last time you use appcleaner.


    All those gimmick app cleaners do is a search, they don't know what was installed or where.


    I'm assuming you don't have Timemachine or a Carbon Copy Cloner around?


    Tried to change the name of Chrome and reboot? Repair Permisisons in Disk Utility?



    You can download the free OnyX and I believe there is a option to Nuke the Trash with extreme prejudice.



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    Try holding down the option key while choosing Empty Trash.  That forces the OS to delete locked files without you having to hunt them down.  If that doesn't work, see:



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    I had the same problem and it drove me nuts. Finally figured it out. When deleting the Chrome.app make sure to delete the support files found in /*your_home_foler*/Library/Application Support. What you're looking for is a folder called "Google". There is another similar folder found in the same directory minus the "Application Support" bit. So all in all 2 "Google" folders and the Chrome.app should go in the trash for a complete uninstall.