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Mail, Safari, help, SuperDuper all quit within seconds of launching.  other apps quit at random times.  I put plists in trash and set up a temp. user.  With temp user, Mail wants me to set up a new account which I didn't do because I remember how hard it was to get mail to work and don't want to create more problems.  the set up screens do not quit until I cancel. I tried changing the permissions but it still wanted me to set up a new user account.   Safari works fine with the temp. user.  Firefox works fine with both users.  I subscribe to mobileme.  I have every software update available.  I haven't added new software although I did install spyder 3 express a couple of months ago.  I'm wondering, too, if I should drag the plists out of the trash and put them back where they were.  I have had several kernel panics during the past year but no other problems.   when apps began shutting down, I tried restart and shut down and safe boot, too.  Now, I realize that safe boot does not actually repair disk so guess I should do it again and run repairs? 


Thanks for any help. 

Powermac G5 2.3, Mac OS X (10.4.11)