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I've had my Macbook Air for two weeks now and for some reason the "me" picture in Adress Book (6.0 - Lion) keeps changing itself. I've tried everything but the picture keeps switching back to the old default picture I chose when I set up my computer. If I open up my card in Adressbook and change the picture it will switch back within 2 seconds right infront of my eyes! If I change my user icon in System Preferences it will revert to the old icon as soon as I open up Adress Book. I've also tried to set up another admin account and change it through there, but no luck.


It might sound like a petty problem but it's very frustrating so please help! How do I get the picture I chose as my "me" picture to stay?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    I simply deleted my own adress card and made a new one! Now everything seemes to work fine and I can change my picture without it cagning back to the old one

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    Strangely, this same problem started happening to me this morning ... after months of no problems.  I am certain that I haven't made any remotely-related changes in the past few days.


    Anyway, here is an easier solution that worked for me.


    Instead of trying to change the pic from the address book app, I went into the system preferences screen "Users & Groups".  (If locked, unlock the page to make changes.)  Click on the picture and select "Edit Picture".  At the top select "Recent Pictures" and select the one you want.  Then click "Set".


    Within a second or two, the address book picture changed to my desired picture.  No problems since.