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I save my working files (ok, almost everything) in a collection of folders on my desktop. Used my MBP for last two days as the computer for presentations at a workshop so pulled all Desktop folders into a new folder called Everything - this left my on-screen 'look' much cleaner.  When I went to move everything out of Everything and back to my version of normal, I stupidly emptied my trash before I tested the files.  Folders are there but empty; files are there but empty ... when I click to open they all say:  Kind: Alias, and it appears all are 1 MB on disk. 


I used Time Machine earlier this week but have never had to restore from that.  Before I make another move, I'm looking for the expertise of the community.  Is restoring from Time Machine the right move?  Does 'Alias' mean it's all there somewhere and I just need to understand where to look? 


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MBP 2008 (?) 15, Mac OS X (10.6.8)