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I save my working files (ok, almost everything) in a collection of folders on my desktop. Used my MBP for last two days as the computer for presentations at a workshop so pulled all Desktop folders into a new folder called Everything - this left my on-screen 'look' much cleaner.  When I went to move everything out of Everything and back to my version of normal, I stupidly emptied my trash before I tested the files.  Folders are there but empty; files are there but empty ... when I click to open they all say:  Kind: Alias, and it appears all are 1 MB on disk. 


I used Time Machine earlier this week but have never had to restore from that.  Before I make another move, I'm looking for the expertise of the community.  Is restoring from Time Machine the right move?  Does 'Alias' mean it's all there somewhere and I just need to understand where to look? 


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MBP 2008 (?) 15, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    An alias is just kind of like directions to tell where the original item is.  I'm unclear on what you did, but if you put aliases to those files on the desktop and then deleted the Everything folder, you will have deleted all that data.  The aliases are now pointing to something that no longer exists.


    To restore from Time Machine, open a window in the Finder and navigate to your Desktop folder (which is in your user folder).  With that window frontmost, enter Time Machine (either using the Dock icon or by choosing Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine menu).  Time Machine will show you the latest backup of the contents of that folder.  If the files you want aren't there, go to the previous backup.  Continue until you find the files you want, then restore them.

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    Thomas, thank you VERY much!  I followed your directions and was able to restore nearly everything.  I can only blame myself for not having connected Time Machine within the past week!  Several valuable lessons learned.



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    Glad I could help!