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In the screenshot below, the panel on the left is from my System Information app. The panel on the right is what is shown in Firewall > Advanced.


As you can see, there's some apps that have connections 'alllowed' on the left but which do not show up in the 'Advanced' listing of programs (I only highlighted two, but there's quite a few others).


My question: how do I change the firewall permissions for those apps that I don't want to give access to but which aren't in the Firewall listing?







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    What happens if you block all incoming connections?

    What happens if you manually block incoming connections for the apps listed?

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    Thanks Tony.


    I imagine that both of those behaviours will work as expected, but that's not my problem.


    My problem is that the apps I want to block are not listed.

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    I was intereted to see if System Infornation listed the 2 as 'blocked' when you changed the firewall setting.  (just a shot in the dark on this issue)

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    Thanks Tony, I see what you mean now. I'll have a look and let you know, but I don't see how that's going to lead me to a solution to the problem.

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    I have the same question.  Firewall is set to block ALL ports, yet leaves HTTP(80), HTTPS(443) and SSH(22) open.  I have no webserver running, nor sshd.  But I would think it should block these ports!!  RUn "GMC's shields up and they are wide open.


    More and more I am getting frustrated with Max OS X.   Apple provides no easy way to "Refresh" a package.

    ie. If this were Fedora, Susi, etc. you can simply repair by grabbing the code for the firewall and refreshing it via wget().   But this is a mac, and you have to make it look like Linux first using  one of the methods like "Fink"...   I am so tired of this, I need to replace my older Macbook. Was looking at another $3000 for a new MBP.  I think I will buy a Dell with quad i7, 16GB ram for $350, and run a hypervisor and switch between Solaris and CENTOS so I have control.   I don't think I will really miss COCO that much.   Been a Unix guy all my life. Went from PC to Mac when I just "Need to get it done and it has to work".  Well security seems to SUCK on Mac OS X, so I have had it.  FOrget an Iphone5 I will go with a Galaxy III and android.  It is a painful change, but I am so tired of these issues.  I went from one MS mess to an APPLE mess.  I don't want to have to mess with the firewall, but I don't want my system exposed either, so I am forced to do so!!  Heck, might as well run Linux and control the firewall.  Actually better support and interfaces... no more iptables, nice gui's out there...


    GO from Bill Gates CRAP to Steve Jobs Crap.  Paying more for underpowered Mac hardware?  It just isn't worth it anymore IMHO.


    Also, support?  I don't see any reponses to thie persons question from 2011!! 


    No support.

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    Take a look at IceFloor (it's a GUI front end to the Mac PF firewall)

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    Thank You!!  Much better!