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l contacted three.com to get my iphone 4 unlocked they told me no problem l had to pay £15 80 in which l did, they sent me two txt saying my phone is now unlocked and that to go to itunes with my new sim in,which l did my phone said no sim in phone so contacted orange and they told me my sim has been set up with my iphone and there should not be any problem so contacted three again in which they are getting in touch now with apple l dont understand why is it so hard to sort this out can anyone help me with this issue????

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    Apple wont help you.  They do not offer any support to unauthorized unlocked phones, and especially wont help unlocking it for you.  It is up to the carrier that the phone is locked to, to release it.

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    Have you tried putting your 3 SIM back in and then connecting it to iTunes and syncing?

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    A text message from the carrier does not indicate that the unlock has been effected. An iPhone is only unlocked when it's been connected to iTunes, which should then recognize the unlock having been authorized. iTunes should report a successful unlock. I believe you need to connect your iPhone to iTunes with the original 3 SIM, if you've not done so, and only then will it unlock so you can use another carrier.


    If you've tried this and it still doesn't work, you'll need to continue to work with 3 on the problem.



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    Evan171 THIS IS an AUTHORIZED unlocking as allowed by UK Mobile phone operating legislation.


    The iphone is unlocked via those txt messages however you need to then authorise  it in itunes on the computer.


    Place the Orange Sim in the iphone . Switch the iphone OFF by holding  the home butoon and the top button at the same time.


    Connect iPhone cable between iphone and USB socket on computer.


    Hold top button on iPhone to restart iPhone and launch itunes.

    Folloe on screen instructions.

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    Here are some suggestions for you:  iPhone, Troubleshooting authorized unlock issues, http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3198

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    completely incorrect, although the unlock process is completely governed through the carrier (apple does not lock phones to apple, carrier locks the phone after purchasing it from apple so that it can be locked to their network for their data plans) when i called apple they assisted once the carrier confirmed that everything was OK on their end.


    Once the unlock is completed by the carrier that information still has to get to the phone.  That is done through the carrier profile which can only download to the phone via itunes.  The above article explains this indepth