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After an update to my iMac the safari icon missing from desktop. Have turned everything off and restarted computer - no joy. Any ideas to fix this would be appreciated :-)

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    Rather than the desktop, the normal place to find Safari is in the Applications folder on Macintosh HD, with an icon in the Dock that links to the application. Check in Applications.

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    I never have any icons on my desktop. NEVER! no files! no applications!


    According to Rob Griffiths of Macworld:

    “The operating system treats each desktop icon just like a full-size Finder window—the icon takes up a chunk of memory, and the system has to track its position and size at all times. Drop enough files and folders on your desktop, and you may start to notice side effects (such as spinning beach balls) when you’re trying to do something as simple as open a new Finder window.”

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    Hi meant safari missing from the dock (sorry new to iMac and getting used to terminology :-) )

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    Also safari not in applications!

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    If it's not in the Applications folder on the Macintosh HD have a look in the Applications folder on your User account (the one with the house in the sidebar in a Finder window. If it's in there you can just drag to the applications folder on the Mac HD.

    To get it in the Dock launch it and it'll appear in the dock where if you click and hold the icon select 'keep in dock'. Or, drag it from Applications onto the dock and it'll put an icon there.


    If it's still not there, re-download it from the Apple site: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#Safari selecting the correct version for your OS.

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    I now have safari icon in dock with a question mark and unable to get it to work. As a newbie how do I get to apple store without the safari icon to redownload safari?

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    Have worked out how to get on safari now downloaded safari and now have icon in dock although still have other not working icon in dock. Next question is how to get rid of the old icon? Thanks

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    If you don't have an alternative browser installed it's a problem. Once you get over this hiccup it would be a good idea to download and install maybe Chrome or Firefox so that you have a Plan B if your main browser gets borked.


    Just to make certain Safari isn't hidden somewhere on your Mac try this: in Finder do Command+F and in the search field type Safari. If it exists somewhere on your system it should show, click on it and it'll tell you where it's located.


    Just seen you latest post. To delete the old 'question mark' icon from the Dock, just click and drag it from the Dock and then let it go - it'll disappear in a 'puff of smoke'.

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    Thank you for your help :-) all sorted now and will take your recommendation for firefox and chrome.