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My 3GS iPhone randomly shuts off or gives a low battery indicator even when the battery is not low. I tried going to the Apple store and they were not helpful saying to close out apps using the multi-task button. Even after doing that, my phone was continuing to shut down. First is was around 33%, then 54%, then 76%, then even at 97%. So I had the battery replaced with a brand-new battery.


Now not only does the phone randomly shut down saying a low battery, but it is not recognizing the charge on the battery. I had the phone on for six hours unplugged and it remained at 100% charge. Then I went to make a phone call on it and after two minutes the phone completely shut off. It would not accept a charge. I had it charge overnight. I tried using different cords. I tried plugging it into a USB port on a computer, using the wall charger, and a car charger. The phone kept saying the battery was dead. Then miraculously then phone started to work a day and a half later, but only for one phone call. Then phone died again and has not accepted a charge for two days now. You would think after two days, the NEW battery would be charged.


My phone is not under warranty. I do not have the funds to purchase a new iPhone at this time.I know there have been a lot of posts about this, but I have tried every concievable option out there and nothing is working. I'm frustrated. Is this an operating system error and can it be fixed? Or is the phone trashed? ARGH!!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.3.3
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    iPhone could be faulty and need to be replaced.


    First step, New Battery could be bad or incompatible. Restore Firmware in iTunes. If now everything is perfect you are done.


    If Restore Errors out with Error 29 then battery is incompatible with your 3GS iPhone. Take back battery and have replaced with correct compatible battery.


    If Restore goes well but battery issues continue, could be just bad luck and a bad battery which needs to be replaced again. Or very bad luck and your iPhone has serious issue with Dock Assembly or Logic Board Power Management Chips.

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    The battery is the same actual battery that Apple uses. I purchased the battery from an authorized Apple parts retailer. I do not believe that the battery is the issue as this problem was happening before the battery was replaced.


    I looked at my iTunes and could not find where it would allow me to "Restore Firmware." Would you provide more information regarding this? Also, if it is a Dock Assembly or Logic Board Power Management Chip problem, can these issues be fixed or would it be better just to purchase a new iPhone?

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    Open iTunes on computer. Hold iPhone Home button and then connect the iPhone to computer, keep holding home button until the iPhone is recognized in Recovery Mode by computer. Usually about 10 seconds time. Restore the iPhone Firmware.


    If the Restore process ends in an Error, write down the Error Code so you can look up the cause and solution.

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    Thanks Brad, but still no luck. I tried doing as you stated, but it still wants to automatically sync the phone as soon as the computer recognizes the phone is plugged in... even though I have the home button pressed down and continue to press down on the home button.

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    oops Sorry, iPhone must be OFF before above steps. I thought your iPhone was OFF with all your problems getting it too work.


    If iTunes tries to Sync, just slide the screen bar to cancel it.


    With iTunes open and iPhone connected, Hold both Home and Power buttons until the iPhone is recognized by iTunes in Recovery Mode. Usually 20 seconds time. Restore the Firmware.


    If the Restore process ends in an Error, write down the Error Code so you can look up the cause and solution.

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    I was having similar issues with my iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.  I originally tried replacing the battery (as I had seen this suggested on other threads), but I was still having issues where the iPhone would randomly turn off on me while I was using it.  If I had my phone connected to a power source, it would work properly.  I had tried the Apple troubleshooting steps of restarting, resetting and restoring my phone but none of those would fix the issue.


    I recently turned off Location Services for all applications except for Maps on my iPhone.  Ever since I made that change, I have not had any issues with the iPhone shutting down on me.  It has only been about a day since I made those changes but usually by now my phone would have crashed 10+ times on me so I'm optimistic that these changes fixed something.


    If I can get the phone to work for a few days without crashing on me, I will experiment with turning Location Services back on for some apps, one at a time. 


    I'm wondering if the issue might have something to do with the Twitter app as that was one of the few apps which had requested my location in the past 24 hours...

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    So Brad, just an update...


    My phone periodically works and then it doesn't. The battery percentage indictator still continues to remain at 100% charge though I know common sense would tell me that the battery percentage would be decreased if the phone sat unplugged and on all day long. When then phone does work, I try to restore it, but iTunes keeps saying that there must have been a connection failure and iTunes had to stop downloading. FYI- I have no connection issues with my Internet.


    Here is the weird thing...


    Sometimes the phone is still showing the dead battery page and asking me to charge the phone. So I'll plug in the phone, let it sit charging for 4 hours, 12 hours, even days at a time... and it will continue to have the battery dead screen asking me to charge the phone. So then I will unplug the phone and leave it alone. After approximately 48 hours, I'll go back to the phone and hit the Home button and miracuously the phone would turn on. It is as if the phone is confused and the battery life is being drained when it is plugged in, but then miracuously recharges itself while sitting unconnected to any cords or plugs.


    This makes no sense and I cannot explain it. I have waited to respond to your initial postings because I wanted to see if I could restore the phone. In addition, I wanted to confirm I was not crazy and that the phone is actually acting opposite what it should in reference to charging vs. non-charging.


    Any idea why the phone is acting backwards in regards to the battery life? Since my last post, I've only been able to actually turn on my phone 3 times, literally once a week and then it only lasts for about 12 hours before dying on me again.