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please help

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    help with what?  what is your question?


    The iPhone 4 can indeed be used as an iPod touch, but first need to be activated.

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    Can one use either a Locked or a Factory Unlocked AT&T iPhone 4 as an iPod Touch? If so, is the Activation method the same? Thanks for your help and have a blessed day in Yeshua's Name.

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    There is only one activation method: plug your device into your mac and start itunes.

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    Thanks for the update. So, is there any official for sure way to know if the activation process works on either a Locked or Factory Unlocked iPhone 4? Also, if I do purchase a used iPhone 4 for this purpose, do I need the original SIM card that came with the iPhone or can I use another deactivated or new SIM in its place? Thanks again.

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    You do not need a sim card to use your iPhone as an IPod. You may only need it if you wish to use the device as an iPhone. My guess is that you will know if the activation process works when you plug it into iTunes and seek to authorize it to your computer.

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    With my intended purchase of a used iPhone 4 (should I find out how this iPhone to iPod activation process works), I neither want Cell or Data service - I also want to use iOS (and upgrade to iOS5). Right now, my biggest concerns are:


    1) If I can use a Locked, Unlocked or Restored (from Jailbroken state - if this is even possible?) iPhone as a an iPod Touch? From the info I've found on the web, the process seems hit or miss or not detailed fully.

    2) If I purchase a Jailbroken and/or a non-factory Unlocked iPhone 4, can I restore to the original settings and subsequently upgrade (as newer versions of iOS come out) without bricking the device? I only want to use the iPhone with the OS it was designed to be used with.

    3) If I do purchase a used iPhone 4 and I can use it as an iPod Touch, do I need the original SIM card that came with the iPhone or can I use another AT&T micro SIM in its place? If another AT&T SIM, does the SIM have to be deactivated?


    Any help on the questions above and the process involved would be most appreciated. Thanks again.