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Any help would be greatly appreciated....


In July 2011 I purchased a MAC Pro. Since July, I mainly use the computer for saving pictures, going on the internet. I only downloaded two programs: Microsoft Office and Smartboard Technology. In the beginning of September I randomly received a message saying my Startup Disk was full. Two weeks ago I brought the computer back to Best Buy to the Geek Squad. After looking at it, they had no idea what was wrong. When they looked at the disk, the bar was filled up with "other". However, they could not figure out what was the "other". They said it probably needed a new harddrive. Yesterday I recieved the computer back, to find that nothing was done at all and the Startup disk is still full. When I called Geek Squad they said it was probably the Operating Drive (might be calling it the wrong name) and I would either have to: A) Use the disk which came with the computer to restore the computer back to factory, or B) bring it in and pay $199 for them to fix the problem. So I tried to put the disk in, but I am receiving an error message which says: "You can't use this version of the application Install MAC OS X with this version of MAC OS X."


If anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.




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