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Hi there


I'd like to use an Ipad 2 as a stand alone device. You would ask why? the reason is simple, I want to give an ipad to my mother (77 years old) so she can use it to make video confs and see her grand sons (she lives 1500km away), but also I thought she could have her first contact with the web with a device much easier to use than a computer.


now for most of the daily use it is clear to me that we don't need a computer, but what if I want to load into her Ipad, pictures or videos that I took with a camera and what if I want to back it up?

I have heard about icloud. would it help for the backup part for example?


how can I put music, pictures or videos inside the ipad, using for  example an external 2,5 hard drive or a pendrive?


the ideal world for me would be to be able to place the stuff somewhere in the net where she would be able to get them easely into the ipad2, because all the other solutions will involve having to meet and we only meet twice a year because of the distance.


many thanks in avance for your anwers.





iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Wait until iOS5 is released in the next month or two.  See "PC Free" here:


    iOS5 Features

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    tonefox wrote:


    Wait until iOS5 is released in the next month or two.  See "PC Free" here:


    iOS5 Features



    With iCloud backups for app data and photostream (the last 1,000 photos you've taken via your iDevice synced via iCloud) iTunes Match to put your whole music library in the cloud for syncing via the internet and over the air updates and you pretty much be all set.  When iOS 5 comes you'll be in business.

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    All of this sounds good, but just in case this is apparent, you'll need to set your mother's home up with the basic, but necessary requirements such as getting an ISP and modem. You'll need to have WiFi in your mother's home to use the iPad on the web over WiFi. So, you'll need some brand of wireless Internet router, connected to your Internet connection to send out the Internet over WiFi signals.

    If you plan on using a cell phone carrier instead, you'll need to get a data plan to use the iPad over 3G/4G to access the web in this manner.

    You'll need to set up both the wireless router and iPad to connect up to each other so she can get Internet access.

    Also, remember, that if your mother doesn't own a computer, you'll have to initialize and register her iPad, via iTunes yourself, or have someone at an Apple store do it at the store for you.

    You need a computer and iTunes to activate the iPad for use.

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    Thanks for the anwer but I still have a doubt from my initial question. you are right, it seems that with IOS 5 I'm pretty all set, but:


         "how can I put music, pictures or videos inside the ipad? using for example an external 2,5 hard drive or a pendrive? "


    and of course I mean, music not purchased from that ipad, pictures taken with reflex Cam, videos taken with my handyCam, etc....


    how can I get all this into the Ipad?


    thanks in advance

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    You can't connect a flash drive or external drive to the iPad in order to copy music onto the iPad. With iCloud iTunes Match (http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/) you will be able to store all your non-iTunes music in the cloud for a subscription - which I think that you should be able to do for your mother from your computer. But until iCloud and iOS 5 are released and we can start using their features, then it's difficult to say how they will work in practice.


    In terms of photos/videos from a camera then there is the camera connection kit which has a SD reader and a connection for direct copying of photos/videos from a camera to the Photos app on the iPad - not all photo/video formats are supported on the iPad though, so they may copy over to the iPad but not then be viewable on it. When iOS 5 is installed on the iPad then you will then be able to re-organise the photos in albums directly on the iPad (at the moment you can't move photos between albums on the iPad) - from http://www.apple.com/ios/ios5/features.html#photos :

    Crop, rotate, enhance, and remove red-eye without leaving the Photos app. Even organize your photos in albums — right on your device
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    You could try dropbox. 

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    thanks for the answer. the camera kit seems to complement icloud perfectly in order to fully work as stand alone. I saw it has 2 adapters, one USB and the other for SD cards.

    I'll give it a try as soon as IOS5 is released.

    As you wisely said, untill IOS5 is released, we can only guess about some details. I don't know, maybe I would also be able to import music on an SD card,ame way I'll do for the pictures..


    In any case, the more I investigate, the more I'm convinced that the Ipad would be the perfect toy to get my mom into the the digital world and the net. the interface is great and friendly and the only flaw was the need for a computer, but this seems to be solved now.


    thanks again.




    Ces the Spaniard

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    You can't currently use the camera connection kit to copy anything apart from photos or videos into the Photos app - I can't say for sure, but personally I wouldn't expect that to change with iOS 5

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    Yes you are right, lets hope that somebody will have the idea to create ( or read this post) an app that will, when finding audio tracks on the external device, ask you if you want to import them to the itunes.


    they say,  there's an app for everthing ;-)




    Ces the Spaniard