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Having just updated to Mac OS X 10.6.8, I was angry that Safari had been updated and is completely broken ....but that is another issue altogether.


It was whilst searching for a solution to Safari 5.1 problems that I came accross a breach to the Apple Discussions site and therefore by a hacker known as Tiger-m@te (search for tiger-mate bangladesh will provide some background on his'her notariety).


I searched in Google: 'safari 5.1' + 'broken' and got the following:


Safari 5.1 'Broken' in OSX.6.8?: Apple Support Communities



The 4th link 'Safari 5.1 completely....' has the address, but the page redirects to rt-communities/necko:classified1request-methodGETresponse-headHTTP/1.1 200 OK


....activating weird window behaviour, the pronouncement "Hacked" and some details of tiger-m@ate (though I've not clicked on any of the links).


....there was also a redirect to eadHTTP/1.1 200 OK


(note the .ru address !!!)


Someone has already posted a video of the type of thing you can expect :


I do not know whether tiger-m@te is just showing off or whether there's an attempt to steal information.


I will inform Apple directly, but please JUST BE AWARE, AND BE SAFE, security warning
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